Best Boiler Cover: A Plan to Decrease Your Financial Stress


Paying for boiler insurance means decreasing your stress. If your boiler stop working in the middle of winter, your insurance provider will send a qualified engineer to access the reason for the breakdown and fix it. Unfortunately, each boiler cover is different in terms of speedy repair response, a maximum value for money and customer service. If you want to get the maximum benefits of your boiler cover, you must consider the Corgi Home Plan. Check their website to find a suitable boiler cover.

Understand the Value of Boiler Cover

A boiler cover is essential to decrease your stress during winter. This cover is valuable to reduce repair expense of a boiler. Moreover, you will not wait to repair your boiler in freezing months. For peace of mind, you will need a boiler cover. The average cost of boiler cover may vary, such as £225 to £250 annually. Before buying a plan, it is essential to check if your policy covers home emergencies, such as electrical failure or pests. 

Boiler Cover Types

For boiler servicing and breakdown, you may find several options, such as plumbing, drains and repair for the main heating system. A few plans may cover pests and electrical wiring in your house. You cover must include everything that you want from insurance. 

Type of cover may vary based on the condition of the boiler. For a new boiler, you may choose a basic policy for boiler emergency. It may cost you almost £110 per year. This plan may not include annual servicing.

Old Boilers

For an old boiler, you will need a special policy that can cover the repair cost of a boiler. A policy with an unlimited claim cost may work well. It will replace a boiler that needs expensive repair or pays money for its replacement. 

You can decrease the cost by selecting the best policy. The average price of cover may vary depending on the policy type. Three types of boiler covers are available:

  • Basic emergency cover for boiler
  • Boiler cover with annual services
  • Boiler cover with repairs of main heating, wiring and plumbing, and annual servicing

Selection of a policy may depend on the circumstances. If a boiler heats both your house and water, you must have a cover with a central heating repair. It may include protection for radiators. Check superfluous extra in a cover, such as a drainage, pipes and electrical problems. Annual payment option may help you to save money as compared to monthly payments. You have to renew a cover annually. If you are not happy with the renewal price of the same policy, feel free to change your service provider. 

Annual Boiler Services

Annual service is vital to increase the safety and efficiency of a boiler. Make sure to choose a policy with an annual boiler service. Regular checkups can increase the life of a boiler. You may find some plans cheaper because they don’t have a yearly maintenance service. Instead of going after cheap plans, you should review the policy carefully. An annual service can help you to save money in the long run.

Cases of Policy Exclusions

Some insurance providers may not accept you as a customer if your boiler is older than 7 – 10 years. Moreover, insurance companies may refuse to renew the policy of an existing customer after a certain age of the boiler. In this situation, you must switch to a new provider. You should have a cover for an old boiler. 

Boiler insurance plans come with a cost limit. Some policies may set a limit of £2,000 per year, while others can be unlimited. Try to choose a cover with the unlimited repair cost.

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