Belly Bashimi – Review

Christmas in our house is traditionally the time where everyone, old and young, get involved in silly games.

Now, you can become a sumo sashimi sensei with the hilarious Belly Bashimi!

The perfect game for Christmas hi-jinx – scatter the sushi discs, strap on your belly and step into the ring.

One player spins the sushi spinner to figure out which sushi disc you put your feet on. Once your feet are planted, try to bounce your opponent out of the ring with your big belly and become the sumo champion!

Best of three rounds wins!

Belly Bashimi

In the box:

  • 2 x inflatable strap on bellies
  • 16 x sushi pieces
  • 1 x spinner
  • 1 x sumo ring

Belly Bashimi Game

Are you ready to sumo?

Belly Bashimi costs £17.99 and is available from

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