Beko Sense Temperature Control Kettle and Toaster

Beko Kettle

A kettle is just a kettle, right?


The Beko Temperature Control Kettle is much more!

Offering an option of 4 temperature settings and a keep warm function that simmers your water for up to 30 minutes, this kettle helps you enjoy your hot drinks just the way you like them.

Why would you want temperature settings?

My kids love a cup of not-too-hot hot chocolate, so when I make it with a normal kettle, it always needs time to cool down. The temperature control offers 4 levels to give you hot water at exactly the temperature you want, so if there is a recipe that needs water at a certain temperature then this is ideal.

Beko SenseTemperature Control Kettle and Toaster

The kettle also features a keep warm function, perfect for making yourself a cuppa in the morning whilst hubby is in the shower and need to make him one when he finally emerges 15 minutes later.

The kettle has a 1.6l capacity so is perfect for boiling water for saucepans or making drinks for the whole family and is easy to fill thanks to the wide lid which opens with a push of a button.

Beko SenseTemperature Control Kettle and Toaster

The kettle comes in two colours, black and white and co-ordinates with other small appliances from the Beko Sense range, like the Beko Sense Toaster.

Beko Sense Toaster

Like the kettle, the toaster has the option of 7 toasting levels which can be adjusted using the stylish LED controls – perfect for Isaac who likes his toast with just a hint of brown, unlike me who likes it golden all over.

Beko Toaster

The toaster features extra wide slots which are big enough to hold crumpets, burger buns and thick sliced bread plus you can keep your pastries and croissants warm with a handy warming rack.

Beko Sense Toaster

My only grumble is they don’t make a four slice toaster which would be better for us as I must make about 10 slices each morning!

Keep an eye on my blog for more reviews of the Beko small appliance range and don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win a Beko Steam Generator Iron!

11 thoughts on “Beko Sense Temperature Control Kettle and Toaster

  1. Sarah says:

    Ooh, I’m on the look out for new Kettle and Toaster! These could be just the thing I am after! Xx

  2. Yaya says:

    This kettle is brilliant! I despise the waiting game to cool down the water for the kids and also having to turn it on again as we go back to refuel on tea and coffee. This is a great fix!

  3. Tamsin says:

    That kettle is genius. My son would benefit from it for his hot drinks.

  4. Aj Wathern says:

    This is such a great idea for a kettle! As a green tea drinker I’m always trying to stop the kettle before it fully boils, or waiting for my tea to cool down-it’s such a faff! This would be ideal!

  5. denajayne says:

    I think it’s amazing how you can control the temperature! I have to wait ages before I can drink my Green tea! xo

  6. Ami says:

    I love the idea of this. I drink Green Tea which is always way too hot when first made. It’s so handy that you can control the temperature.

    Ami xxx

  7. Ah we have a temperature sensor kettle too and we love it. So handy! I love the idea of the toaster too, but we’re the same- we’d need the 4 slicer too! x

  8. Elizabeth says:

    This sounds like a super kettle, especially for making hot chocolate for the kids! I usually just heat up the milk on the hob to the right temperature.

  9. Kate says:

    The kettle and toaster sound fab! They seem like well-considered gadgets and look great too.

  10. They both look very well designed and I agree, smart. We tried a temperature kettle at one of the Airbnb’s we were staying in and it was so good! (well, except when we did it too hot and broke a mug!) I love that you can control the colour of the toast too – handy when you don’t have time to keep checking it. Great write up, thank you.

  11. EssexKate says:

    Oh this kettle looks so smart. My partner has this posh coffee thing and the water is meant to be 80 degrees. He boils the water then has to keep checking with a thermometer. Such a faff, not sure why he bothers, but this kettle would make it so much easier.

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