Bedtime Stories with Twinkle the Dragon

Once upon a time there lived a Princess called Eliza.

She lived in a big castle with King Daddy, Queen Mummy, Prince Kian, Prince Isaac and Sebastian the Knight.

Princess Eliza loves to go on adventures and can often be found visiting her pet dragon, Twinkle, who lives in the castle dungeons. Twinkle is not like any dragon, she is purple and instead of breathing fire she blows hundreds of bubbles, bursting with all the colours of the rainbow.

This is Eliza’s favourite story and Daddy often makes up lots of adventures that they all go on. As Sebby has got older, the stories have adapted and changed to accommodate him and his trusty steed, Jonathon the Horse and Diamond the unicorn.

I have been searching to find a purple cuddly dragon for a couple of years, but nothing was ever quite right. Finally at BlogOn I found the Zapf Creation BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon and knew I had found our Twinkle.

Baby Born Dragon

Thisย adorable and friendly dragon has eyes and nostrils that light up. She comes with her own magic wand and when you use it to gently tap her forehead she makes cute dragon sounds.

Tap her again and she starts walking, flaps her sparkly wings, makes dragon sounds and both her eyes and nostrils light up.

Also in the box is a surprise dragon egg containing pink dragon Sparkle.

The dragon is cute and cuddly, soft enough to take to bed and hug but it is watching her come alive which Eliza loves the most.

I think bedtimes stories are going to be even more fun from now on!

14 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories with Twinkle the Dragon”

  1. Good to read about this from another parent, my daughter saw the advert and as usual it was ‘mummy can I have that’ with it being this time off year the answer was ‘you will have to ask santa’

  2. Aw I love that you have special stories. My husband makes stories up for the kids too. I’m rubbish at it.

    Twinkle looks so cute! I have a little someone who would adore her! Perhaps I need to pop her on the Christmas list.


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