BeBop Bouncy Castles: The New Summer Craze!

Bouncy Castle

BeBop bouncy castles have so many different inflatables to choose from, with so many different ways to play on them, that by simply purchasing one of these amazing toys, you could be the one to start a completely new summer craze – now wouldn’t that be something?

Your garden could be the envy of the entire street, even the whole neighbourhood, with one of the many BeBop castles standing proudly in the middle of it. Perhaps you’ll choose the 14.5 foot 8 in 1 Castle? With a massive slide, a basketball hoop, climbing apparatus, and of course a huge bouncing area to play on, this big toy would definitely be the talk of the town. Or perhaps you’d rather try the 22 foot Double Inflatable Waterslide? Or the Tree House Bouncy Castle? Choose your favourite, get it delivered, and watch how soon this craze begins to spread…

Bouncy Castle

It might be your neighbour first. You’ll wake up one morning to see another (probably different since there are so many to choose from) BeBop inflatable in the next door garden. Walking down the street to get your morning paper, you’ll spot more being delivered, being inflated, being used by excited children (and adults!)!

Bouncy Castle

Soon enough, everywhere you go there will be BeBop inflatable water slides and bouncy castles taking the world by storm! And you, you clever, clever person, can say it was you who started the whole craze. That it was you who had the foresight and the nous to go for it.
Okay, that might be a little over the top. It might be the stuff of dreams. But sometimes, just sometimes, dreams can come true… So take the first step on your way to being a summer sunshine fun time pioneer – buy yourself an incredible, sensational, and really rather enjoyable BeBop bouncy castle, and let the good times roll!

6 thoughts on “BeBop Bouncy Castles: The New Summer Craze!

  1. As a bouncy castle hire company owner myself I can honestly say it all started with 1 bouncy castle which I started hiring out and using the cash to invest in new castles and inflatable toys. My business is now booming. Easy to start up and get going if you put Facebook to good use.

  2. Troy Morgann says:


    Nice Share!

    We have had bouncy castles here for birthday parties. Lots of fun for kids of all ages. I love a good bouncy castle, especially if I can join in. Hahaha. #MagicMoments

    Thanks for sharing!

    Troy Morgann

  3. Alta Crowe says:

    I remember last summer my son birthday and I surprise him with bouncy castles I rent at and they had so much fun.. having like Bouncy Castle will surely enjoy your kids birthday party.

  4. Generations past understood the importance of playing in the great outdoors as kids. One of the main benefits of bouncy castles for kids is the fact that it is a great way to encourage exercise or help with weight loss. Bouncy castles are hoping to help you finish your school holidays. I am really happy I’ve this information. Thanks!

  5. Jordan says:

    I really wish I could have one of those bouncy castles! It looks like it has a slide too! Awesome. They’re great for the kids to play on not just as Hubert has mentioned in their free time but they are also very good for childrens’ birthday parties. Thanks for your post, I love reading about parties 🙂
    Jordan recently posted…Let’s discuss why you should hire a bouncy castleMy Profile

  6. Bouncy castles are a great thing for the kids to use just to enjoy their time in a limited space. Some joy lands now have a special section just for bouncy houses and castles. However there are some safety issues with bouncy castles and that is the children might get hurt just by bumping into each other.
    Hubert Conroy recently posted…Ash Jumping CastlesMy Profile

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