Creating the perfect children’s bedroom

Girls Bedroom

A child’s bedroom is not just a place for them to sleep. It is the one room in the house that can really reflect their personality and is their sanctuary from the challenges of outside world as they get older. When decorating their room it is tempting to go for a theme, however, from personal experience, their tastes and preferences change all too quickly and what was cool six months ago, may not be now. The main thing to think… Continue Reading “Creating the perfect children’s bedroom”

Top 4 Cruise Ideas To Get You Inspired

Cruise Ships

No matter where you are from in the world, you have more than likely come across a cruise that has been appealing to you before. If you’re a fan of the vast oceans and blue green waters, the thought of exploring the world by sea is highly exciting. With so many options and providers on the marketplace, however, choosing your top choice can be tricky. We hope to have narrowed things down for you in this article by listing some… Continue Reading “Top 4 Cruise Ideas To Get You Inspired”

AD: Embrace your individuality with Smiggle!

Smiggle E Light up book

Smiggle items are the playground must have! I cannot do the school run without seeing dozens of Smiggle bags, keyrings or back packs and they all bring a smile to my face as they are so bright and colourful. We were lucky enough to be sent a Smiggle Gift Card for the kids (and the class teddy, Charlie), to go wild in our local Bournemouth store. With so many colours, ranges, prints and styles at Smiggle, I let the kids… Continue Reading “AD: Embrace your individuality with Smiggle!”

5 reasons why to choose Ötztal Austria this winter

Ski holidays are perfect for the family as there is always something for everyone to enjoy. This might mean snowball fighting with the little ones, sledging down the slopes or relaxing at the spa (I know which one I’d choose right now). Maybe this is your first family ski holiday or perhaps you’ve been on skiing holidays before and are simply looking for a new dreamy place to visit. No matter why you’ve decided to read this article, let me… Continue Reading “5 reasons why to choose Ötztal Austria this winter”