Nintendo Labo Review

Nintendo Switch Labo

We were first introduced to the Nintendo Switch at Brick Live 2017 and it immediately went to the top of the kids Christmas list. Thankfully Father Christmas got their letters and delivered it under the tree and immediately overtook the Xbox 360 and the Wii U as their favourite games console, thanks to its quirky games and ease of use. We started out with Arms, Just Dance 2018, Mario Odyssey and have been gradually adding games to the collection over… Continue Reading “Nintendo Labo Review”

Philips BlueControl Advance – 3 month update

Philips Blue Control

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have been testing the Philips BlueControl Advance, for the treatment of mild to moderate plaque psoriasis. For those not aware, the Philips BlueControl Advance device is the worlds first wearable Blue LED Light treatment for treating mild – moderate plaque psoriasis on the arms and legs. It is used to treat each plaque once per day, with a single treatment taking just 15 minutes. I am going to admit now that I was really sceptical at… Continue Reading “Philips BlueControl Advance – 3 month update”

Becoming a Junior Zookeeper for a day at Marwell

Ear Scratch Rhino

Ever since Isaac was little, if you asked him what job he wanted to do when he was older he would say “a zookeeper”. I had looking into zookeeper for a day options for him for his birthday and decided to pick our nearest zoo – Marwell, as it had the best package. Although Isaac’s birthday was back in April, Marwell’s Junior Zookeeper for a Day package is very popular and the earliest date I could book was this weekend,… Continue Reading “Becoming a Junior Zookeeper for a day at Marwell”