Are You Really Getting A Good Deal?


More and more people are turning to coupons to do their shopping especially young driverswho have just passed their test, and will try anything to save a little here and there on their motoring bills! . Mothers who are on a budget are finding more ways to lessen their expenses through the use of coupons, which can save them hundreds on their groceries. Coupons are not only for food. There are also several superstores that offer fuel vouchers, so that they can get more customers to shop at their store. Shoppers are given fuel discounts based on the amount that they spend for groceries. But is all this worth it?

When you look at the cost that you have to spend at a grocery just to get a discount on your fuel, you will see that some people are at a disadvantage. These are the elderly and low-income families who don’t spend that much money on their groceries.

The strategy and the problem

According to research, about 70 percent of motorists use fuel vouchers to get discounts on their fuel. With this, forecourts now have grocery stores within the vicinity just so they can stay in business, as people now associate getting food with fuel. This strategy, however, is also disruptive to some motorists who are in a hurry and can’t get to a pumping station, as some motorists take time shopping for their groceries.

Are you getting a good deal?

Many people use vouchers, but in reality, only a small percentage can really get a good deal out of it. Some refuse to do simple mathematics and they end up spending the same or even more when using vouchers instead of going straight to a regular gasoline station. Some purchase more groceries that they don’t necessarily need just to get further discounts on their fuel.

In addition, not many people know that the fuel you get from supermarkets does not have the same quality as the ones that you get from fuel garages. Some who know this would say that they would rather pay the extra money to get quality fuel that save money and not get the quality that they want. If you really want to get the best deals out of supermarket fuels, you must know where to go.

  • Tesco – If you want to get big discounts on fuel, then your best bet is Tesco. They have a Tesco Clubcard Fuel Save scheme, which connects your spending in the store to the fuel pumps. Spending £300 on groceries will get you less 12p per liter in one month. This is the biggest savings you can get from a fuel voucher by far.
  • Morrisons – Their scheme may be quite difficult to understand, but you can also get huge discounts from them. You must purchase gift cards for shopping and you get a voucher that gives you less 1p per liter for each £10 that you spend.

When it comes to saving on fuel, your best bet would be Tesco or Morrisons. However, you can do more research and computing to see if using fuel vouchers is really what’s best for your savings.

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