Aqua Dragons Underwater World Review

Aqua Dragons

I love it when toys from my childhood are reinvented and come back for a new generation to love.

I loved Aqua Dragons when I was a child and whilst they are not technically a toy, they are an affordable way to introduce the idea of a pet into the house without all the costs involved.

Aqua Dragons are live aquatic creatures with a scientific name, Artemia Salina from the crustacea family. Their eggs have an amazing natural capacity called cryptobiosis which allows them to stay alive but hibernating in a dried state only to hatch many years later.

Aqua Dragons have been living in the sea and in salty lakes on the earth for millions of years, including while dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

We were sent Aqua Dragons Underwater World to review and the kids couldn’t wait to get started.

Aqua Dragons

The set comes with everything you need to get started; the aquarium, preserved eggs, food, pipette, feeding spoon and full instructions.

Set up your Aqua Dragons Aqurium in 6 Easy Steps


  1. Insert two AA batteries to the battery compartment (this operates the light)
  2. Get a bottle of mineral water (room temperature) and shake vigorously, then fill the tank with it.
  3. Empty the contents of the eggs packet into the water, stir gently to help the salts dissolve
  4. Maintain the habitat in a safe place out of direct sunlight and with a stable room temperature, between 17°C and 27°C
  5. Check with a magnifier and you can see tiny white dots moving between 24 to 72 hours
  6. Feed them the day after set up with a tiny level portion of food using the feeding spoon provide
  7. Admire your Aqua Dragons and do forget to feed them every 2-3 days

Aqua Dragons Powder

Ongoing care

  1. Do not change the water, when the tank water slowly evaporates you may top up with more room temperature bottled water.
  2. Do not remove the salt around the rim. Tilt gently the tank gently.
  3. Food and remains may form sediment at the base of the tank. This is part of the normal Aqua Dragons eco system.

Aqua Dragon

Aqua Dragons look like tiny three eyed, long tailed, hairy headed dragons that grow up to 2cm long.


Sebby just likes to watch them swim, but for older children like Isaac and Eliza, they are  learning about the life cycle and anatomy of the creatures whilst watching them hatch and grow. They have to remember to feed them, so it is a great way of them learning to care for another creature and we now have a couple of pregnant ones, so are waiting for the babies to hatch.

The Aqua Dragons Underwater World has an RRP of £11.99 and is available in all good toy stores and you can find out more at

Disclaimer: We were sent the Aqua Dragons Underwater World to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

11 thoughts on “Aqua Dragons Underwater World Review

  1. Jenni says:

    I love the look of these, definitely treating my son to one

  2. oh my god i love this! i may be 36 and without children, but I think that I may have to get myself one ha!

  3. This is something my nephew would love and it is good for teaching kids about nature too.

  4. This sounds like such a fun thing for kids to do, I know for certain both mine would love watching these aqua dragons grow, its so educational and the price is right too.

  5. Alex Gladwin says:

    Oh wow! My little boy would absolutely love this. I had never heard of it before, but I know he’d really like it. What a great, fun idea for children. X

  6. These look so cool they remind me of the water monkeys which were a big thing when I was a kid x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Conquering The World By Climbing The O2 ArenaMy Profile

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Remember when these were sold in the back of comic books all those years ago! Love the rebranding – my kids would LOVE this!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Young’s Fakeaway: Classic Fish & Chips with Twice-Cooked Chips & Mushy PeasMy Profile

  8. Sarah Bailey says:

    I am sure I remember something like this from when I was younger! Definitely, something fun for kids to watch grow.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…How to Perfect a 5-Minute Makeup RoutineMy Profile

  9. I remember these years ago. Never had one myself. But as you said, a grwat way to introduce kids to the responsibilities of having a pet and for older ones it’s even educational.

  10. Kim Carberry says:

    We have had a few of these type of sets over the years and my girls love them. They last for so long. We had the last set for well over a year 🙂 x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Last minute Father’s Day gifts….My Profile

  11. Cathy Glynn says:

    Grace absolutely loves these, we have had some for over a year and they are still going strong x

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