Anyone Can Ride a Motorbike: How You Can Learn and Why You Should

When someone says “motorcyclist”, then your mind might conjure up a certain image. Perhaps it’s a biker gang or an adrenaline seeker. Now, you’re partially right. Bikers do, in fact, ride motorbikes, the clue’s in the name. Also, motorbikes are undeniably exciting and carry a level of risk that driving cars doesn’t. However, the motorbike is someone anyone can ride.

As well as being fun to ride, which nobody is denying, motorbikes are also really handy and offer a far greater degree of freedom and flexibility than cars do. If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, you’ll have undoubtedly seen the bike riders weaving through the traffic and moving on. Also, parking a motorbike is nowhere near as difficult as parking a car, as it doesn’t need as much space, allowing you to squeeze it into smaller spaces. 

While you generally can’t do the school run on a motorbike, it can take you to work and back just fine. Many motorcycles even have some storage, allowing you to go on small shopping trips. When you combine this with the ease of parking and the ability to weave through traffic, the daily commute suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Even better, motorcycles are actually more efficient than many cars, so you can also save on gas.

If you’re a beginner motorcyclist, you likely already know the upsides of riding a bike, but now you just need to figure out how to make the most of your new ride.

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First of all, you need to learn how to ride your motorbike. Much like driving a car, you will need a license to ride a bike, which means taking lessons and, eventually, a test. Thankfully, there are plenty of rider schools out there, such as MTS rider training, which will provide you with the needed lessons. Many of these schools also provide bikes, helmets, jackets, and gloves, which is ideal if you haven’t yet stocked up on this equipment. 

Even when you’ve got your license, you might want to get used to the whole riding experience until you’re confident. Some of these schools also offer courses for newly licensed riders and for riders who are out of practice and need a refresher course. Biking is only dangerous if you don’t take precautions, which include the proper training. 

Speaking about precautions, you will need to get your hands on bike insurance, just in case a collision or accident does occur. Also, look after your motorbike. If it’s in the best possible condition, then your bike is far less likely to fail on you. As you would for a car, take it to the mechanic on a regular basis and whenever there’s an issue. This keeps the costs of repairs down and makes the bike far safer to ride. Even better, learn how to spot potential issues before you ride it.

Finally, have fun with it. Motorcycling is exciting and freeing, and you can travel the world on your bike if you look after it. 

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