Anki Overdrive Review

Anki Overdrive

My most wanted toy as a child was a Scalextric and I remember asking Father Christmas for one for a number of years.

Finally my wish was granted, sort of, as my step-brother got one and we spent hours setting it up and racing the cars around the track, so much that the brushes wore out on the bottom of the cars.

Things have moved on from the 70’s now and my kids are more interested in racing cars around a virtual reality track on a games console, rather than one sits on the floor……until now!

Over the half term holidays a very special package arrived and inside was Anki Overdrive, the world’s most intelligent battle racing system.

Anki Overdrive

It is really simple to set up as the lightweight track simply clips together with magnets, but the difference is that the car racing game uses tablet or phone technology to combine with a physical track and cars.

Anki Overdrive

Simply download the free app, available on iOS and Android,  and you are ready to go.

Anki Overdrive

You can build the track in 8 different designs with the starter pack, with curves and bridges to manoeuvre. Everytime you change the design of a track, the cars do a slow lap so that they “learn” the course.

Anki Overdrive

It is then time to race the cars using the app to control them. As you get more confident you start collecting weapons to help you do battle with your opponent.  There are options to play against the game or against a real life opponent, although  you need wifi to play with more than one person, even if you both have apps already downloaded.  Sebby (at 4) has managed to figure out how to get Isaac’s car to spin off the track!

Anki Overdrive

Each Supercar is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) and equipped with deadly strategy. Whatever track you build, they’ll learn it. Wherever you drive, they’ll hunt you down. The better you play, the better they become. Whether you battle A.I. opponents or friends, your tactical options are unlimited. And with continuous software updates, the gameplay always stays fresh. Customize weapons. Swap out cars. Build new tracks. It’s easy to pick up, and nearly impossible to put down.

Anki Overdrive

We are only at the beginning of our Anki Overdrive journey, but the kids have all asked for extended track and the supertrucks for Christmas, so I think it is a real hit!!

I shall be honing my skills when they go back to school!!

Disclaimer: We were sent Anki Overdrive for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Anki Overdrive Review

  1. I really love this toy! It’s so clever, and looks a lot of fun to play.

  2. Laura says:

    Oh wow this sounds ace – my eldest would love something like this, in fact he has been asking for a remote control car so this would be perfect. Great review

    Laura x

  3. My son would love this. He is so into cars at the minute.

  4. l love that you can build the track in eight different designs and that it is smart as well! It sounds fab x

  5. Helen says:

    I was also a huge Scalextric fan as a child, but this looks like the next level! My husband and daughter would love it 🙂

  6. I loved Scalextric when I was a kid! This looks even better! All the A.I. features sound amazing! Can I have one for Christmas please?

  7. MrsS says:

    Our house has been filled with dolls, Barbies… peppa pig and dolls houses for so long I can’t wait to throw cars and an Anki overdrive into the mix when my boy gets a bit bigger – looks fab !!

  8. Talya says:

    This looks like hours of fun and I’m guessing a must have for Christmas!

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