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Flying toys are a big hit in our house, with all the kids wanting to play with them – well, when I say kids, us adults want a go too.

At BlogOn back in September, I was introduced to the Airhogs SuperNova and knew that it would be a big hit in our house.

Only you can control this gravity-defying orb! It takes a little assembly – simply attach the propeller blades and charge and you are ready to launch it, push it, spin it, using just your hands. No remote control or touching needed as it equipped with an intelligent on-board system and motion-sensitive lights and sensors, which responds to your every movement.

Isaac Airhogs

To activate, just toss to launch and Air Hogs Supernova will levitate mid-air, awaiting your command!

In a huge basement space, the Airhogs SuperNova worked perfectly, helping aided by someone demonstrating how it works, however, in the home it has proved a little more tricky, as it leaves a gap below itself, so if it is in a cluttered room, like our lounge it rises to the ceiling and won’t come down.

Airhogs Supernova

We have found ours works best in the boys bedroom as they have a lot more empty floor space (when it is tidy, that is).

Airhogs Supernova Lounge

There are 30 moves and 9 super tricks to master, ranging from simple to complex, and you can learn to play solo or pass back and forth with friends and family and see what amazing tricks you can pull off.  Isaac and I have managed to make it fly to each other and spin around at speed.

The SuperNova has a charge time of 30 minute and flies for around 5-7 minutes and is equipped with collision avoidance and stable flight technology for extra safety.

Once we got the hang of flying it, we really enjoyed learning how to operate the SuperNova.

Our Top 10 Tips for Flying the Airhogs SuperNova

  1. Watch the YouTube instruction video before you start for extra tips!!
  2. Charge it first with the USB cable
  3. Clear as much floor space as possible – if furniture is in the way, it will fly up to the ceiling and won’t come down
  4. It flashes red when charging and solid green when it is charged
  5. Switch it on and drop it – the rotors will start working and it hovers in the air
  6. When flying, the ball will flash blue when it is ready to do tricks
  7. The red coloured metal buttons around the circumference are sensors. If you put your hand around them, the orb moves
  8. Read the instruction manual to learn how to do the tricks
  9. When you have finished playing, you then hold it, turn it upside down and it will stop moving. You can then switch the power button off
  10. If you have long hair, keep it tied up…….just in case of a low flying aircraft!!

In the box:

Includes: Air Hogs Supernova, 1 USB Charge Cable, 1 Instruction Sheet, 4 Replacement Rotors, 1 Rotor Removal Tool.

The Airhogs SuperNova has an RRP of £39.99 but is currently on offer at £29.99 in Argos, Smyths and Amazon.

12 thoughts on “Airhogs SuperNova Review

  1. Oh wow this is so cool, like a little drone but looks easier for kids to use! My eldest would love this

    Laura x

  2. Kate says:

    This looks amazing, my eldest son would love it (actually my husband would probably love it too, my son might never get to have a go!)

  3. How cool is this toy! I think my husband would love it, never mind the kids
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Disney on Ice Dream Big ReviewMy Profile

  4. Kira says:

    Oh this looks really cool. Something Alessia would love for Christmas

  5. Laura Dove says:

    Oh that looks like fun! My kids love anything like this, Air hogs have some fab toys!

  6. Oh wow this looks great fun. My niece would love this!

  7. Jon says:

    Ah wow this looks amazing! I’d have loved something as ‘sciency’ as this when I was a kid!. I’d also have probably caused a lot of damage based on the fact it would be flying around the house lol

  8. There was a guy demonstrating these in Hamleys at the weekend – they are so cool. Of course went there for something entirely different – came out with a £100 drone! (as you do!)

  9. Melanie says:

    Oh wow this looks very different. Super cool and so much fun to play with. I’m sure kids would love this xc

  10. This is so cute. My nephew would love to play around with this Airhogs SuperNova.
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  11. It’s great that they are on offer and we’ve never had a flying toy before and this Airhogs SuperNova looks cool – love the size of it too!

  12. Oh wow I’ve never seen anything like this before! I’m sure my daughters would be fascinated by it 🙂

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