AD: Preparing for the Grammar Test with Maths Tutoring from TuitionWorks

The last year has been tricky for all kids, with intermittent school and home learning.

I have been really lucky that Isaac seemed to cope with online learning OK, but Eliza and Sebastian really struggled, distracted by everything that was going on at home.

I am confident that, in Year 3, Sebastian will catch up, but Eliza is nearing the end of Year 5 and will be sitting her entrance exams to determine her secondary school in September. Her English is brilliant as she is a little bookworm, but she has always found maths more challenging.

We were invited to try out TuitionWorks, who offer a 1:1 online maths tuition service with specialised tutors.

TuitionWorks offer 3 different tiers of tutor starting at £35 per hour. All tutors are registered teachers with in-school teaching experience.

They cover all levels from Key Stage 1 through to A-level. With a free 15-minute online assessment, followed by a 15-minute tutor introduction, to make sure your child’s learning is focused on where they most need it and deliver the results you are looking for.

Booking is easy through their website,,

Stage One – Maths Assessment

The first stage involves a free 15 minute online assessment to establish your child’s ability and which areas of the subject they need extra help with.

Stage Two – Meet the Tutor

Once you have completed the assessment, you get a free ‘meet the tutor’ session, which gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself, get to know the tutor and give them an idea of what you are looking to get out of the sessions.

Eliza was particularly nervous about this, but by the end of the chat she was disappointed that it didn’t go on for longer.


Stage Three – Book your online maths tuition session

It is important to choose your hour-long session which will fit in with your schedules. We are back to after-school clubs now, so I made sure we booked a day where we had nothing to rush around for.

Eliza’s tutor was Raj and we decided that we wanted to concentrate on fractions, as Eliza had particularly struggled with these during lockdown lessons.

I left her to it, choosing to listen in from the next room in case she needed help, but Raj was brilliant with her. If she got an answer wrong, he broke the problem down and got her to answer each section, so she knew where she had made a mistake.


The hour-long session flew by and Eliza was really proud of the progress she had made, exclaiming that it was the “best maths lesson I have ever had” and she wished that Raj taught at her school!


The sign of a good teacher, is one of inspires the kids to go above and beyond and after her session had finished, she sat down and continued to practice everything she had learned, getting me to set her some questions.


You even get a report at the end of each session.


Equipment Needed

All tuition is 1:1, online, and takes place in a tailored maths classroom. With each student getting their own dedicated classroom, set up to make maths engaging and easy to learn.

The website has tools to draw equations, graphs, shapes, and more, although I would also recommend having paper and a pen to hand, especially for younger children who are less confident to work on a computer. All work completed can also be easily saved as a PDF to print off or work from later.

Special Offer

TuitionWorks have offered my followers a FREE maths tuition session by using code CHELSEAMAMMATWFREE when you book at

Have you considered extra tuition to help your child catch up this year?

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