AD: Making everyday life easier with the MAM Easy Start Breast Milk Bottle

Welcoming a baby into the family is a life changing experience for everyone involved and it takes a while to get into the swing of a new routine.

In the early days, us mums have a lot to deal with, from the pain of everything healing downstairs to our milk coming in, the baby blues to the sheer exhaustion of looking after a tiny human.

One thing I was keen to do was to breastfeed, but it also left me anxious. Was Lilah getting enough milk, was she latched on correctly?

When my milk did come in, I really struggled with being engorged and getting Lilah to latch as my boobs were so hard. Thankfully I had great support from my midwife and breastfeeding counsellor who gave me lots of tips to help both me and Lilah.

One thing that really was a life saver was manually expressing some milk before each feed to make it easier for Lilah to latch on and I cannot believe how much milk I got out. It seemed a shame to waste it, so I got my mum to get me a steriliser, some milk storage bags and some bottles.

She opted for the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles which have a flat shape soft teat which simulates the mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and therefore fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. It is as close to breastfeeding as you can get, enabling an easy switch between bottle and breast. The bottle teat also features a soft lip rest and small mouthpiece which is ideal for newborns.

MAM Bottles

Lilah took to a bottle straight away and I love that I know exactly how much milk she is getting and that Paul can be involved with feeding her too.

Lilah Bottle

He has been lucky enough to get 6 weeks paternity leave, so has been really hands on for Lilah’s first few weeks and because she is happy to take a bottle, he can feed her so I can have a bath or get some much needed sleep.

Paul and Lilah

Other great features of this bottle is that it self-sterilises in the microwave without the need of a steriliser and has a unique ventilated base which helps to reduce colic.

Lilah MAM Bottle

I am going to continue combination feeding with Lilah as I hope to keep breastfeeding for at least a year, but do want to be able to leave her with her grandparents if we want to go out or for when I return to work.

MAM Bottle

The MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic bottle was named Mumsnet Best Baby Bottle 2020.

Did you choose combination feeding with your baby?

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24 thoughts on “AD: Making everyday life easier with the MAM Easy Start Breast Milk Bottle”

  1. That bottle sounds superb and the fact that is self-sterilizes in the microwave is a huge win. I really detested having to sterilize everything since I was so tired and there was so much to do.
    I combination fed my first baby but when we bottle fed her it was mostly formula. I struggled with breastfeeding and I really struggled to express milk. It would take me hours and I only got out a tiny bit so I gave up expressing. I needed the break from breastfeeding every now and then and it was such a relief when my hubby bottle fed her, especially since I had such bad nipple pain when she latched even though she was latching correctly. The downside is that I only managed to breastfeed her for 6 months because she started preferring the bottle and my milk supply dried up.
    You are so lucky that you are finding expressing easy, I hope your breastfeeding journey continues well.

  2. I started combination feeding with my eldest at around 3 or 4 months. It made such a difference, he was such an unsettled baby before. So with my second I did combination feeding from the start.

  3. I’ve not got kids so I can’t comment on how I’d feed a baby but as everyone is so different and you have to do what is best for you and the baby x

  4. How cute is Lilah- the first photo is amazing. Some tips I will pass on to my mum friends and family. I also feel no one should be pressured into breast feeding because not everyone can

  5. I bottle fed both of mine as I personally didn’t want to breastfeed. Both of mine were hungry babies so perhaps that’s a good thing! Love the idea of self sterilising bottles!

  6. Aww Lilah is so adorable! Little man never liked botttles much, he preferred breastfeeding, but the MAM bottles were the ones that he actually accepted. They are great!

  7. I don’t have children but I can imagine that as a new mom you always worry now knowing how much milk your baby is getting. These bottles sound very useful to put those worries to bed.

  8. Reading posts like this makes me miss breastfeeding so much. Although I was pretty unsuccessful with it despite preserving.

    It’s great using bottles though as it does involve your partner too x


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