AD: Games for the whole family to enjoy this Christmas!

Beat That!

Christmas time is a time when our games are dug out of the cupboard and the whole family gets involved.

We play all sorts of games, from playing cards, to games that were out and about when we were young like Downfall and Game of Life.

As the kids have got older, we have added games such as Scrabble and Monopoly but now there are some new games in town to get those competitive juices flowing.

Our Top Games for the whole family to enjoy

Here are our picks of games that the whole family will love.

For the competitive family

Beat That

Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges is the perfect game to really get the festive fun started as it consists of 10 rounds of challenges.

If your family are competitive like mine, then this is definitely the game for them. The aim is to collect as many points as possible by betting on your ability to successfully complete a series of ridiculous challenges using an assortment of seemingly random objects. All players attempt the exact same challenges, so get ready for the ultimate battle of abilities.

Beat That!

Age means nothing in this addictively fun party game – challenges have been designed to level the playing field between the young, old, fit and frail, so it’s the perfect game for families.

Beat That! is available at John Lewis and Amazon and has an RRP of £24.99.

For Football Lovers

Flip Facts Shoot

Flip Facts Shoot is a higher / lower style trivia game.

Choose a formation card and lay out 11 shirt cards. Toss the coin to see who goes first and blow the whistle to start the game. Read the trivia question on the card next to the previously revealed shirt number and guess if the answer is higher or lower than that number. Guess correctly, you keep possession and can turn over the next card but if you are wrong you get a yellow card and play passes to your opponent.

Flip Facts Shoot

Flip Facts Shoot is available from all good Toy Shops and has an RRP of £19.99

For Younger Families

Whoopee Doo

Toilet Humour is always a big hit, especially with younger members of the family and Whoopee Doo! is a brilliant quick-thinking family challenge game.

Sit on the large inflatable Whoopee Doo cushion and press the start button. Take a card and complete the challenge, then pass to the next player. Don’t be sitting on Whoopee Doo when time runs out or you’ll blow off in front of everybody!


You can also play by taking turns sitting on a Whoopee Doo, then answer as many questions as you can before the time runs out and you let out a loud toot!

Whoopee Doo is recommended for children aged 4 and over and available in all good toy shops and has an RRP of £22.99

Shark Chase

Baby Shark is still a hit with the kids and Shark Chase is the perfect for game for them.

Escape the shark to be the winner, swim too slow and you’ll be his dinner! Roll the dice and move the corresponding coloured creatures around the board, trying to stay ahead of the shark. Earn points for each of the creature that makes it safely to the island without being eaten.

Shark Chase

Shark Chase is recommended for children aged 4 and over and available in all good toy shops and has an RRP of £19.99

For Harry Potter Lovers

Harry Potter Dobble

Dobble is one of our favourite travel games, so I was very excited to learn that it comes in a Harry Potter version.

Harry Potter Dobble

Harry Potter Dobble is a game of speedy observation and we actually find that it is the younger members of the family that have this game nailed! This version features stylised imagery of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, wands, creatures, Hogwarts house crests and many more.

Harry Potter Pictopia

The Harry Potter Pictopia game from Ravensburger is the perfect way to get to showcase your Harry Potter knowledge.

Harry Potter Pictopia

With 1, 000 picture trivia questions featuring the beloved characters, extraordinary places, magical creatures, and enchanted objects from the epic Harry Potter movies, It’s a game of teamwork – with a competitive twist.

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6 thoughts on “AD: Games for the whole family to enjoy this Christmas!

  1. These look like some really fun games! Jack would really love that Pictopia game – he has been listening to the first book on Audible and has received the first 3 books for his birthday and the other 4 for Christmas so he’s very HP obsessed at the moment

  2. We love the original Dobble as a family and I brought the Harry Potter version as gifts for a couple of our friends this Christmas.

  3. Jenni says:

    Love getting the games out at Christmas. The shark game would go down very well with my son

  4. Christmas is all about the board games in my house! That’s such a fun collection you’ve put together, I know my nephew would love whoopie doo lol

  5. There is no better time than Christmas (/winter) to enjoy a good board game. Tub of sweets and play = perfect. I’ve never heard of some of these games but they look so much fun.

  6. Aimee says:

    Love a good board game. Never heard of any of these but the Shark one sounds like something my little cousin will like when he’s a few years older so I’m definitely keeping that one in mind! Been playing uno (the Minion version!) with my sisters and it’s so fun!

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