AD: Auron Self Cleaning Water Bottle – the ultimate travel essential

We are still following COVID restrictions but the end is in sight and we cannot wait to start travelling again.

Isaac has a school trip to the south of France in July and we have tentatively book cub / scout camps and a weekend at Camp Bestival for the summer.

The thing about travelling is, it can introduce you to new food and drinks, but when abroad, you do need to be careful with untreated water.

Introducing a new, self-cleaning water bottle called Auron which makes travelling a little easier and a lot healthier.

Auron Water Bottle

There are a number of features that makes this bottle a must have in any household, for kids and adults:

Self Cleaning

Auron is a self-cleaning water bottle that purifies drinking water with UV light.

It has a unique UV light cleaning mechanism in the lid, which makes the bottle able to sterilise itself and its contents in 60 seconds, eliminating 99.99% of microbial life. Cleaning can be activated manually, or the user can set Auron to automatic and it will clean itself every four hours.

What does this mean?

No more musty, smelly bottles that you don’t want to drink from. It can purify water from any tap, fountain, or river – perfect for travelling, outdoor lovers, campers and hikers too.

Auron Water Bottle

Vacuum Sealed

Auron’s vacuum-sealed and double-walled chamber is an effective insulator. It is able to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. It can be used to store any type of beverage, including coffee, tea and even fizzy drinks.

Auron Water Bottle

It’s techy

Kids especially, can be funny creatures, wanting the latest image or craze. Well the Auron should satisfy them as this smart water bottle comes in lots of colours and has an LED touchscreen display and loads of futuristic features, including being able to tell you the temperature of your drink.

Auron Water Bottle

Environmentally friendly

Over the last decade, the world has woken up to the dangers of plastic pollution and have started using reusable bottles. Unlike other purifying water bottles, Auron has no replaceable parts. One Auron bottle is able to clean itself continuously for over 100 years without the need to replace filters or batteries.

Auron’s sleek design fits in at the office, the gym, the car and at home. And because it cleans itself, you’ll never need to scrub it.

Pre-order your Auron Bottle now for 60% off the retail price! Your bottle is guaranteed to ship just in time for summer.

Learn more about smart bottle technology and pre-order your Auron Bottle today at

Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with Auron Bottle. All thoughts and opinions are my own

7 thoughts on “AD: Auron Self Cleaning Water Bottle – the ultimate travel essential”

  1. LOVE this!! Bottles I am usually put off due to the cleaning, but a self clean one is deffo a great idea x

  2. That sounds like such a great idea. I love that it’s self cleaning. I could do with a few for the kids they love gadgets so they’d find this fun and might drink more water too.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love that it purifies drinking water, making it fab for taking out and about. The touch screen adds an exciting element – I think it would be a great way of encouraging little ones to drink more water 🙂


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