A pre-spring clean clear out


I had a massive declutter before Christmas, but with a mass of new toys arriving thanks to Mr S. Claus we are falling over stuff again and it is only going to get worse with all Eliza’s birthday presents.

In a bid to make some more room, I have already emptied and sorted the craft drawers, throwing out old pens and pencils and making sure that everything is organised, unlike the normal ‘shove it in and hope the drawer will shut’ case.

The boys bedroom was turning into a dumping ground, so their toy boxes have been sorted with old and broken toys relegated to the bin. Frustratingly where the toy boxes were up against the wall, we had some mould grow behind them despite painting it with special mould resistant paint last year, so they are under strict instructions to keep the room tidy and pack stuff away, which may be wishful thinking on my part.

So far I have broken stairgates, a chair and my old car parcel shelf to take to the tip and lots of bulky “babyish” toys to take to the charity shop that Sebby no longer plays with. I think I could do with a rubbish removal service┬áhere as I am forever back and forth to the tip.

I have to admit I am being more careful with the toys I get rid of now. Callan and Kian were obsessed with Power Rangers, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh as children and collected lots of toys and cards that I sold on when they outgrew them. Now Isaac and Sebby are heavily into the same programmes and the items that I got rid of are stupidly expensive and at the top of their toy wishlists all those years later!

I am also pretty sure I sorted the kids clothes not so long ago too, however their drawers are bursting at the seems which can only mean they need reorganising again as I am struggling to put the washing away.

So this week, the pre-spring clean clear out begins.

How often do you have a clear out?

2 thoughts on “A pre-spring clean clear out

  1. Katie Robertson says:

    I’ve just done a clear out this week as my children needed their wardrobes sorting out again.I had only just done them before Christmas but with all the extra clothes that have been bought for them I needed new hangers to hang them up and to throw away things they have outgrown in the past few weeks.

  2. I’m in the middle of a spring clean at the moment. I’m sick of looking around my house and seeing stuff.
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…A handwritten letter + #GiveawayMy Profile

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