A Christmas Washout

Despite all our best plans this year, for us, Christmas Day and the subsequent days that followed have been a bit of a washout.

The dreaded lurgy has hit the house!

I am not talking about a bit of a cold, but whatever found its way in to infect the family has knocked everyone (except for me), for six.

Hubby has a bit of a stomach bug last week which we put down to a dodgy pasty, but thought nothing of it.

The bug started with poor Kian on the day before Christmas Eve and saw him sleep all day Christmas Eve, which, despite being a teenager, is unheard of for him.

Christmas Eve

Hubby felt unwell on Christmas morning and Sebastian seemed full of cold, but got on with it as the kids tore open their stockings. By midday Eliza was down and then Isaac quickly followed.

Christmas Day

I did cook a traditional Christmas lunch but it was only picked at and we never got to dessert, which is still sat in the freezer waiting for everyone to get better.

A spot of calpol perked them up enough for their main present, although I will be forever reminded about how poorly they were by the Kool ‘n’ Soothe strip on Eliza’s forehead.

Christmas Day

We set their Nintendo Switch up and they did manage a couple of basic games, but they were all feeling dizzy so we packed it back up again, hoping they would feel better in the morning.

Boxing Day is normally the day of the family buffet, where family members all come round and we play silly games, but Hubby spent most of the day in bed and the rest of us chilled on the sofa watching Christmas films and played some games on the Nintendo Switch. The only people I saw where those at the shop when I picked up some more medication for my poorly bunch.

Boxing Day

Yesterday, we managed to get Hubby a doctor’s appointment and he has been prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection but they have yet to take effect, but it looks like Isaac, Sebastian and Kian are all starting to feel better.

I am ready for this lurgy to disappear now and plan to re-do Christmas dinner next weekend.

How was your Christmas?





12 thoughts on “A Christmas Washout”

  1. Aww bless your cotton socks, hope hubby feels better soon and back to his good spirits. Our Christmas was quite, church then cooked for the parents and they zonked out by 3 so it was just me watching home alone lol

  2. I hope your family are on the mend. My sister and her husband came down with the flu so their Christmas was also a washout. That’s the trouble with this time of year, we’re all running around trying to make for a perfect Christmas but those bugs are there waiting and hiding and get you when you least expect it.


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