7 Things to Know When You’re Visiting Oman


Oman is quickly becoming the hottest Arabian travel destination, and for a good reason. Unlike other Arabian countries, you won’t be lost in mega cities or missing the appeal of a genuine Arabian experience. When you get your visa and are ready to embark on your trip to Oman, you might find yourself looking for any advice you can get. 

Here are 7 practical tips to help you prepare for your vacation in one of the most unusual travel experiences you’ll ever have.

1. The Weather

Many people misunderstand that deserts are hot, and Oman is hot in general. But, deserts lose their heat almost instantly when the sun goes down. During the day you can expect temperatures ranging from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round.

However, during the night the temperatures drop, but there is some heat retention because of the humidity from the coastline. That makes some of the colds throughout the night bearable. You definitely won’t need to pack all the cold-weather gear that you would normally when going to a desert destination.

2. Omani Culture is Very Conservative

Other Arabian countries have a well-known conservative culture, but Oman is usually left out of this perception. However, the Omani culture is still very conservative. The Omani men typically wear a robe of colourful, or all-white cloth called dishdasha with a Kummah. However, women usually wear an abaya, with a headdress. Women will also wear dresses that are colourful and matching headscarves.

Visitors aren’t required or expected to dress as locals do. However, it’s important to observe the conservative culture. It’s not recommended to wear bikinis, even on public beaches.

3. Decide Where You’re Going Ahead of Time

It is so easy to get wrapped up in all of the attractions in Oman that you’ll miss at least half of your loose itinerary. There are a lot of places to visit, but if you list a few “must-see” places you be sure to have a well-rounded holiday.

Planning where you’re going may vary by the season, but when you decide where you want to go, you’ll be able to hone in on what attractions you’ll experience.

Oman Bridge

4. Don’t Stress About the Language

The locals speak Arabic, but many people speak English. Similar to other port countries, Oman has become a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. You’ll find people of Hindi, Pakistani and other Arab cultures. English has become a popular language, but you’ll also see people who speak Swahili, Baluchi, and Hindi.

5. Enjoy All the Food

Part of Omani culture is to serve meals family styles which means that the traditional foods are available in large portions. Typical Omani meals include bread, rice, meat, and tomato. The meats usually range from chicken, fish, or beef. However, throughout certain parts of Oman, you’ll find more exotic meats like Camel.

Oman Pots

6. Oman is One of the Safest Travel Spots

Many people worry about the dangerous side of traveling, especially when venturing into areas of the world that have a lot of media coverage. However, Oman is among the safest travel destinations. They are a terrorism-free country and pride themselves on having a strict police force. The police patrol through the city constantly, and take complaints or reports from tourists very seriously.

7. Coffee and Dates

Not romantic dates mind you, dates are a regular part of the coffee tradition called Kahwa. Omani’s are well-known for their hospitality, and it all starts with Kahwa. They greet guests, start and finish parties and welcome new members of the family with Kahwa.

Traditionally the coffee uses a blend of spices including cardamom. This tradition lets the hosts and guests have time to get to know each other or catch up.


Have a Great Time in Oman

Whenever you’re travelling, it’s always great to check out the local customs, and laws before you go. But when you first get your tourist visa in your hand, you’re looking for something more fun. This list is here to help you understand that day-to-day life that visitors will see in Oman. Remember to enjoy the food, drink coffee, and to plan your trip according to what areas of the country you’re visiting.

4 thoughts on “7 Things to Know When You’re Visiting Oman

  1. I don’t know very much about Oman but this is quite interesting. It must feel a bit strange to have a different weekend when visiting. Those doors are exquisite. I’m glad they allowed visitors to what seems like a wonderful place to visit.

  2. Yes, agree with you that Oman is the safest travel spot in the Middle East and you could have a road trip to Oman from Muscat, Oman in less than 4 hours if you have a tourist visa of UAE with you.

  3. Nomad Bears says:

    I’ve never had Oman high on my travel list but I think this post makes me want to go there. Why did you choose to go to Oman? Is there anything that you recommend seeing the most? Did you go with kids?

  4. Timo Travels says:

    Oman is in my sights – seems to be a lot more quieter than the likes of Dubai etc. Thought provoking post and I may look to booking that ticket to Oman sooner rather than later!

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