6 Ideas That Show Your Kids You Are Proud Of Them

Every parent is unconditionally proud 0f their kids, whether it’s because they have scored their first goal or gotten the highest mark in the class after you spent so many evenings helping your children with maths. However, some kids often don’t realise you’re proud of them, even if you feel like you show them every day. This could impact their motivation, so it’s important to think about ways you can make your pride show through no matter what. 

Praise Them When It Matters 

First things first, telling your kids that you’re proud of them is, undoubtedly, the best and easiest way to let them know how you feel. It sounds simple enough, but it’s also something that a few parents forget to do. However, you need to make sure that you don’t praise for the sake of praising. Your child won’t learn what makes you proud if you shower them with praise at every opportunity. This is why it’s important to praise only when it matters, such as working hard to overcome tricky homework problems or succeeding in their guitar practise after lots of hard work. 

Encourage Them As They Learn 

If your child shows a talent for something, whether music, art, sport or anything else, it’s natural that you want to nurture their talent as much as possible. This will allow you to praise and encourage them as they learn and give you the chance to guide them in the right direction. For many children, it isn’t about the result but everything that came before. If you only tell your child how proud you are at the end of a competition or show, they will think it is just the final step that mattered. In reality, it is every step of the process that got them there. 


Be Interested In What They’re Doing 

Sometimes, kids will become fascinated with something that you never considered interesting in your wildest dreams. It can be difficult for parents to engage with these interests, especially if you don’t understand them. However, being part of the process will prove to them how proud you are. By showing confidence in what they are doing, you will help them believe that they’re capable of anything, which will have a direct impact on their confidence, and it will all come from you showing an interest in what they are doing. 

Show Off Their Work 

Many kids will be mortified if you show off their work, but it’s a superb way to prove how proud you are. Of course, some work is easier to show off than others. Their competition-winning artwork or certificate of excellence fit beautifully in an elegant frame from frames.co.uk, but other achievements are trickier. The last thing you want to do is embarrass them with a glowing post on Facebook talking about how hard they have worked and how much they deserve it or is it? Showing off their work will give them the chance to see your pride every day, and whether you display it online or around the home, others will get the chance to see it, too. 

Don’t Overdo It 

Of course, there’s always the risk of giving your kids too much praise. Eventually, too much praise will start to lose all meaning. Praising them for the smallest things and following this praise with huge celebrations will throw things well out of proportion. The same goes for giving them rewards. Offering something for a big achievement can help[ motivate, but you’ve got to be careful about the scale of these rewards. As much as scoring a winning goal is important, it’s probably not enough to warrant a new phone. 

Recognise Others, Too 

As much as you’re swelling with pride at your child’s achievements, it’s not all down to them, and you must recognise this when offering praise. Besides your child working hard, you should also make a point to thank their teacher or their coach. Showing that you appreciate the people that helped your child get to where they are will teach your kids to recognise help as well, and this will keep them grounded and be more appreciative of the help from others in their journey through life.

Proud Of You
The idea that you are not proud of your kids might horrify you. Of course, you’re proud of them, but maybe you’ve not managed to show it as effectively as you thought you had. Don’t worry, though. With these useful ideas, your children will know exactly how proud of them you are, keeping them motivated and grounded.

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