5 ways to prepare your garden for winter


It is safe to say that we are well into Autumn and my garden is starting to suffer.

We have lots of trees at the rear of the garden and the high winds and rain in recent weeks have meant that the grass has a covering of leaves and pine needles to contend with, that even our good old leaf vacuum is struggling to deal with.

It seems odd, but put in a little effort in the garden in winter and you will reap the rewards in the spring!

1. Clean up plants that have seen better days and pull up any stubborn weeds, which will prevent them from growing back next year.

2. Give your lawn a pre-winter cut to help keep it healthy throughout the colder months. Without a pre-winter cut, lawns can develop a mouldy fungus, but don’t cut it too short otherwise a heavy frost might kill it off. Rake fallen leaves from your lawn before they kill the grass and brush them from any pathways to avoid an slips.

3. Prune trees and bushes. This should be carried out when the tree is dormant, between leaf fall and bud burst (usually between November and early March), to help remove dead branches and encourage new growth.

4. Autumn is a great time to dig over the borders and add fertiliser, as adding nutrients at this time of year means the additions have time to start breaking down, enriching the soil, and becoming more biologically active by the spring. Check out fertiliser options here.

5. The winter is a good time to think about landscaping and new installations; while the garden is dormant and can cope with being dug up and moved. Hubby is planning on adding a Philips Hue system to ours!!

What do you do to your garden to prepare for winter?

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