5 Ways to Celebrate World Book Day at Home

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Today marks the 22nd anniversary of World Book Day – one of my favourite days as a child. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to go into WHSmith with your £1 book voucher after school and purchasing a new book. 

World Book Day is usually celebrated in schools in different ways. Majority of primary schools encourage their pupils to dress up as their favourite book characters. So, if you’ve seen an increase in fancy dress costumes in your local Asda recently, then that is exactly why.

However, we don’t have to leave World Book Day in the classroom. Here are 5 ways that we can celebrate it at home too:

  • Bedtime Reading

Bedtime reading has plenty of benefits, including increasing a child’s vocabulary range and cultivating their imagination. Plus, if you are a parent that works long hours, then bedtime reading might be one of the only options that you have to spend quality time during the week with your children. 

If you are struggling to find any books that you think your child will enjoy at night, then check out Happy Beds’ World Book Day campaign, which looks at the UK’s favourite bedtime books. I am sure there are plenty of books on the list that your children will love!

  • Book Swaps

Let’s be real, children don’t really listen to their parents, and would probably listen to their friends and classmates a little more.

It might be a good idea to encourage book swapping. Your child can lend their book to a friend in exchange for a book that their friend enjoyed. If they hear from a friend that a certain book is great, then this might encourage them to read it a little more.

  • Visit the Local Library

It might be worth checking out your local library to see if they are hosting any World Book Day related events that your children can attend. Some include group reading activities and quizzes. 

However, even if they aren’t hosting an event, it is still worth visiting as it gives children the chance to choose their own books, and even take them home with them to read in their own time. 

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  • Host a Fancy-Dress Party

If you really want to go the extra mile for World Book Day, then host a fancy dress party yourself. You can set a theme for characters. For example, animals from books, favourite princes and princesses or even just Roald Dahl characters.

You can play book-related games, and even put out a book related spread. Pinterest is great for food ideas – you may even be able to recreate green eggs and ham as a meal!

  • A Book Related Quiz

Nothing encourages reading more than a bit of healthy competition! It ensures that children have been paying attention to the books that they have read in the past few weeks. 

You can have a picture round including images drawn up by some of the greatest children’s illustrators, and a general knowledge round. The world is your oyster!

To see the full, extensive list of the UK’s favourite bedtime books, then click here.

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