5 Tips to Achieve a Contemporary Style Kitchen

High Gloss Kitchen

When you know exactly what kind of kitchen style you want to go for, there are always lots of different directions you can go in order to achieve it. One of the hardest parts of designing your kitchen can be sticking to a plan and not getting carried away. It’s always better to start minimal and work your way to a character filled décor style, otherwise you may find yourself going to over the top and losing sight of the original style you wanted to have. With contemporary kitchen design becoming more and more popular, here are 5 useful tips to help you achieve this style and create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Sleek and Streamlined

Contemporary interior design is ideal for those who want a little character in the room, without having to introduce too many bold features to the décor. Whilst modern interiors see a lot of straight lines and sharp edges, contemporary design is much more focused on the curved edges, sleek surfaces and neutral colours. By achieving this streamlined look, your kitchen will ooze character, whilst keeping things minimal and chic. Focus on combining neutral materials and colours in order to achieve a welcoming atmosphere, with the addition of soft lighting and delicate touches to enhance the overall style.


High Gloss Features

One of the most popular features for a contemporary style kitchen is pretty much anything in a high gloss finish. High gloss features instantly bring a chic, stylish touch to the room and emphasise the size and space available. You often find that high gloss kitchens are made up of either gloss finished cabinets, a gloss finished worktop or even marble flooring. By introducing these features to your kitchen, you instantly set the overall tone of the room and are able to create a gorgeous finish throughout. It’s important to maintain your high gloss to ensure that the beautiful shine is kept to the best standard at all times.


Bold Appliances

With kitchens being used for much more than just the cooking, it’s become very popular to have a selection of bold, exciting features to make the room stand out. The best way to figure out exactly what your kitchen needs, is to sit down and focus on what items you currently use the most, or wish you had in your current kitchen. Once you know exactly what you want in your kitchen, you can focus on finding a modern, chic version that will enhance the contemporary look you’ve been aiming for. Whether you opt for a bold, shiny new oven with a stylish glass top, a chic microwave with a trendy stainless steel finish or a bright cooker hood that combines gloss with a stainless-steel edge, you can really make your interiors pop and keep things functional at the same time.

Neat and Organised

Whilst many kitchen décor styles like to have lots of items on show or stored neatly on open shelves, contemporary décor is slightly different. For a contemporary kitchen to really look the part, all items are often stored behind cupboard doors or drawers, to keep the room looking at simplistic and neat as possible. Whilst you may decide to introduce additional storage devices to your kitchen, having essential items stored neatly out of sight is a must for this design style. This simply enables the room to feel larger, spacious and fresh, with no clutter or overcrowding of appliances or miscellaneous items.

Kitchen Cupboard

Introduce Art

Artwork is one of the best ways to inject character and personality to your interiors, especially when the artwork expresses your own personal style or interests. There are some really unique ways in which you can display your artwork, from scattered arrangements, to different sized pieces across one statement wall. Contemporary interiors often see a mixture of bold art pieces, with black and white art being a very popular choice. It’s the perfect way to make the space warm and welcoming, whilst keeping up with the main contemporary feel.

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