5 simple ways to have a better night’s sleep

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With sleep being a huge part of everyone’s health and life. It is important that you have a place that you can get a great night’s sleep, which is why we are going to list below, the 5 simple ways to get a better nights sleep.

Wind Down & Have A Clear Head

Are you often finding it difficult to sleep or wake each night? There are a number of things from your day which can make it difficult for you to rest well. Such as stress, worry and even anger can all cause disruptions to your sleep.



  • If you have anxiety or chronic worrying, then there are a number of steps that you can take in order to help you learn to stop worrying and have a more positive outlook on life. Counting sheep can be much more productive at bedtime than worrying! But on a more serious note, if you think your anxiety is getting serious, consult a doctor. You can also check this CBD oil review to know its benefits for anxiety and sleeping.
  • Work, family and school can cause a lot of stress in your life and can make it difficult to sleep. You may want to consider some form a stress management, where you will learn how to deal with stress in a more productive way. It can also help you to manage your time better and create a more positive outlook, meaning you can rest easy at bedtime.
  • The more active your brain is during the day, it can be a struggle to unwind and slow down on a night. Throughout the day our brain is overloaded with information, constantly receiving notifications from emails, text and phone calls. All of which cause your brain to need constant stimulation. It is recommended that you focus on a single task to its completion. This means that your brain won’t be actively looking for a fresh stimulation whilst you are trying to sleep.

Have A Good Exercise Routine


It’s said that people who get regular exercise have a better nights sleep and will feel less sleepy throughout the day. With regular exercise comes less problems with insomnia and sleep apnea. As well as this, it can really help to increase the amount of time you spend in a deep, restoring stage of sleep.

  • The more intensive your exercise is throughout the day, the more you will benefit from a powerful, yet restful sleep. Even walking for around 10 minutes a day will help to give an improved quality to your sleep.
  • Of course, the results aren’t immediate and it can be a good few months before you start to experience these deep sleep cycles.

Ensure You Are Receiving Light At The Right Times

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Melatonin is a natural hormone found in the body and is controlled by exposure to light, this helps to regulate the sleep/wake cycle. When it gets darker, your body secretes melatonin to get you into a state that is ready for sleep, obviously with the reverse happening when it is lighter, ensuring that you stay alert and awake.

Expose Yourself To Bright Natural Sunlight In The Morning

Ideally you should be exposing yourself to sunlight as close to when you wake up as possible. A good way to do this might be to enjoy your coffee outside or having your breakfast whilst sat near a sunny window. The light shining onto your face will help to wake you up and ensure you are alert for the day.

When It’s Bedtime, Make Sure Your Room Is Dark

Once you’re body is ready for sleep, it is important to that you go to a room that has complete darkness. This can be achieved by having heavy curtains or a blackout blind such as a blackout roller blind. These will help to block the external light from coming in through the windows. You could also consider wearing a sleeping mask to ensure total darkness.

Have A Good Sleep Cycle

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Making sure that your body has a good sleep cycle is a huge priority in order to improve the quality of your sleep. If you get into a routine with your sleep, then you will begin to feel more refreshed and energised for the day. If you sleep a different number of hours each night, then you will feel sluggish due to sleep debt.

Don’t Sleep In – Yes Even On The Weekends

If there is a huge difference in your sleep schedule on a weekend and during the week, it can cause symptoms almost similar to jet lag. If you have had a late night and need to make up the hours lost, it is recommended that you have a day time nap instead of sleeping in. This will allow you to work off your sleep debt without causing any disturbance to your sleep cycle routine.

Improve The Environment Where You Sleep

Having the correct environment for sleeping is essential to making sure that you have a deep and uninterrupted sleep. Sometimes making even the smallest of changes to your environment can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep your body receives.

Keep Your Room Dark, Cool & Quiet

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Ensure There Is  A Low Level Of Noise

If it is possible for you remove or lower the amount of noise you hear from your neighbours, traffic or other people within your home then this will hugely help to increase your quality of sleep. A simply way to do this would be using either a fan or a sound machine. Earplugs are also a big help here!

Ensure Your Room Is At A Cool Temperature

It has been found that many people sleep best in a cooler room, around 18 degrees celsius, ensuring that there is good ventilation. Bedrooms that are either too hot or cold can cause a huge amount of disruption to your sleep.

Have A Comfortable Bed


Many people don’t realise that it is the most important thing, to ensure that you are comfortable in your bed is a priority. There are several ways to do this, the first is to make sure that your covers are loose enough to not become tangled and allow for a good amount of stretch. If you find yourself waking up with a bad back or a sore neck, this could be a sign that your mattress is either too firm or not firm enough. It would be best to experiment with different levels of firmness, mattress toppers and pillows which will give you the right amount of support you require.

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