5 Perfect First Cars for your Teen

Learner Driver

So, your teenage son or daughter has passed their driving test – no doubt leaving a sizeable hole in your bank account – and now he or she needs a car of their own.

This is a big decision; as a parent you may well be contributing financially to the purchase, so there is a budget to consider, and you’ll also be weighing up insurance prices and other important factors such as safety. While your teen would obviously love to razz around town in a sporty soft-top convertible, you’ll have other ideas. What they really need is a sensible, economical model of car – and here are five suggestions which are perfect for the newly-qualified teenage driver.

Skoda Citigo

This was nominated as first choice in a recent selection by carbuyer.co.uk, which cited its excellent safety features as a primary reason for its appeal to first time owners and drivers. ‘It’s one of the few in that class to be awarded the full five stars by the Euro NCAP crash-safety aspects, despite its small size,’ it stated in review of the Hatchback.

Ford Fiesta

Ah, the good old Fiesta. But there’s a reason we all know the Fiesta so well, and a reason – as Autotrader says here – that it’s the best-selling car in the UK. It’s a decent-looking car, handles well, is a comfortable ride and has plenty of room for other passengers. Another plus point is that parts are ready available and accessible, and relatively inexpensive, too; the extensive Ford dealer network makes it easy to keep on top of servicing.

Fiat 500

If low insurance costs are a higher priority than other factors, then a Fiat 500 should be on your list of contenders – along with the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107, it’s one of the cheapest cars on the market to ensure. As you’d expect with Italian design, it’s a stylish little number

With some very cute touches and great safety features, including a Hazard Device that immediately turns on the emergency lights if the driver is forced to stop suddenly. If buying one new is not an option, consider car leasing – while your teen won’t own the car they’ll be able to make monthly payments and the Fiat 500 is generally among the most affordable.

Hyundai i10

‘It’s a great first car thanks to a blend of practicality, reliability and good build quality,’ says Auto Express of the Hyundai i10. It has great safety features, boasting advanced braking technologies and six airbags fitted as standard, and insurance costs are sure to be low – potentially as low as Group 1 (which is the lowest of all). Other neat tricks include its Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, which alerts the driver – by flashing a warning on the dashboard – if a tyre is losing pressure at all.

Volkswagen Up

According to What Car? the VW Up ‘is one of the best city cars around; it’s great to drive, classy and cheap to run’. Added to which, it has an excellent record in terms of reliability and will hold its value pretty well when it comes to selling it on. A big pull for young motorists is having the kudos of driving a Volkswagen – that badge still carries a lot of prestige.

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