4 Simple And Budget Friendly Ways To Update Your Kid’s Room


Now that we are all being forced to spend more time at home, now is a great time to spruce up the kid’s bedrooms and update their daily environment. This will excite them, meaning that they will happily spend some more time in their fresh new rooms.

Try and order online where you can if you don’t have everything you need for your DIY project. By doing so, you will be helping to support your local businesses and economy while adhering to the current social distancing rules.

Freshen up the walls

While seemingly a simple and obvious way to update a room, don’t underestimate how a fresh lick of paint can instantly change a space. Most kids like to have something interesting on their walls so a feature wall would be a great way to add a pop of colour to their room. If you don’t feel like getting the paint out, play around with prints and canvases instead or consider using various wall hangings, wall stickers, and posters, which are all easy and inexpensive ways to brighten up any room. 

Add some new lights

You’d be surprised how much some new lighting can instantly change a room and give it a new lease of life – and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg either. Buy some fairy lights and drape them around beds and pictures, across shelves and desks or even install onto walls. This will add a warm and cosy feeling to the room, which both boys and girls will love. Feel a bit more adventurous? Experiment with some led lights from

https://www.lepro.co.uk/240v-led-strip-le and create wall installations in various shapes and colours.

Set up an indoor tent 

For those times, when they can’t go outdoors, bring the outdoors to them and make them their own indoor teepee. We all know that kids love a fort and a place to safely curl up and hide away in. An indoor tent or teepee gives them the perfect place to lose themselves in their imaginations and develop their creative ideas. There are plenty of options to choose from online, but if you feel like getting crafty, dig out those rolls of material that you have lying around forgotten at the back of the cupboard and make a DIY version of your own. It’s easier than it looks, and there are plenty of online tutorials on Pinterest for you to follow. The final result will be all the more satisfying while also giving you a project to work on during lockdown. 

Create a mini library 

We all know how important it is to continue to encourage children’s learning during this time of online distance learning. Set up a mini reading nook to create a cosy and inviting space for them to carry on developing their reading skills. Install some simple shelves to a corner wall, or some metal hanging baskets and fill it with their favourite books. Add a bean bag or chair to the corner and add a basket full of their favourite cuddly toys, and this bedroom corner will soon become their new favourite area.

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