4 Easy Ways To Save A Little Extra

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We could all do with a few extra pounds in our pockets, couldn’t we? Whether you are struggling to make ends meet or you are saving up for that once in a lifetime family holiday, today we want to share with you 4 easy ways to save a little extra each month.

Print off the bank statements

With most of us banking online now, it can be easy to lose track of any spending. That is why our first suggestion would be that you print off the bank statements and spend some time going through every single transaction. 

Look for any payments that you need not be making and can cancel first, as these are relatively quick and easy to deal with. 

After that, spend time working out whether you can reduce any of your expenses, such as your mortgage payments or home insurance. It is always worth shopping around for all of your utilities and bills, and if you have not done this for some time there will probably be significant savings. 

Is it really essential?

Having looked at reducing your outgoings and bills, the next thing that you need to get into the habit of asking yourself is ‘is it really essential?’. You might have bills that you regularly pay that you could cancel, such as magazine subscriptions or gym memberships if they are not read or used. 

In addition to this, whenever you are making purchases, ask yourself if you really need that item? Could you get by without it and save a little cash? 

Always shop around 

Whenever you are making any purchases, always shop around. This applies to the big and small things that you buy, as every penny adds up. 

Whether you are looking to buy a car from Hilton Car Supermarket or a new laptop from Currys, it pays to do your research. Look into the kind of model that you want, look at trusted customer reviews and familiarise yourself with the best prices that are out there. You can then shop with confidence when you go to purchase your car or laptop and you will feel comfortable with your decision and the price that you have paid. 

Equally, when you are looking to buy smaller items, such as books or toys for the kids, look into customer reviews and search to find the best possible prices.

Be on the lookout for online discounts or cashback

When you shop online, always be on the lookout for online discounts or cash back. 

There are several good cashback sites that you can try, and it is worth choosing at least one of them to use if you regularly make purchases over the internet. These really are as simple as they sound, whenever you make a purchase by going via their site, you will get some cashback. This is at no extra cost to you so you might as well make a few extra pounds while you shop.

In addition to this, before checking out on any online purchases, always take a few seconds to just look for any discount or voucher codes that they might be offering. You might just stumble on a 10% off promotion that will save you some money simply for the cost of a minute or two of your time spent searching it out. 


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