3 Tips to Declutter Your Playroom


If you have kids, you know how chaotic a playroom can get. As, no matter how good our intentions are, these rooms often end up messy and overflowing with too many toys. So, what can you do to help declutter your playroom and make it a better room for your child to play with?

Well, worry not, as if you’re thinking about a playroom clear-out, KwikSweep house clearance company have 3 top tips that will help you have your room looking more organised than you could ever imagine.

1: Have a Good Sort Through Everything

If there is one thing that KwikSweep recommends for a playroom declutter, it’s that you arrange your clean for a day when your child is out the house. So, whether they spend a day at their grandparents or your partner takes them to the park or soft play for a few hours, make sure you have the time by yourself.

Then, look through everything, splitting into two initial piles – keep and not keeping.

2: Learn to Be Less Emotional Over Toys

The hardest thing for parents trying to declutter their child’s room or playroom is trying not to get emotional. That’s because we tend to associate certain toys with a certain time in our child’s life. Which means, even if your kid hasn’t used a toy in months – or even years! – many of us struggle to detach our emotions and fond memories away from the fact that this is an old toy that is no longer loved.

This means that, once you’ve sorted through the toys and you have your pile of toys “no longer used or wanted” you can’t just keep everything because you have an emotionally attachment to it. Otherwise you’ll end up filling room after room over the years with all your kid’s old stuff.

Instead, pick one or two key items to keep and store these in a memory box. That way you can still keep a few things that remind you of certain memories but you’ll have a lot more space too. You might also want to ask your child about their toys, as they may be upset if something is missing – of course, this can be hard as they might want to keep everything!

3: Decide What to Do with Your Discard Pile

Once you have that pile of toys that you no longer want to keep, it’s time to decide what to do with them. Generally, you’ll want to sort into further piles for:

  • Toys in very good condition that you wish to sell.
  • Toys in good condition that you could give to friends, family or to charity.
  • Toys in very poor condition that you will be looking to throw out.

Here you can use boxes or plastic tubs to separate your different piles, making it easier for you to transport later. If you choose to sell anything, you have a lot of choice including Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay and car boot sales.

If you have some old toys destined for the bin, consider contacting us here at KwikkSweep as we’ll make sure anything that can be recycled is, which helps keep our landfills as clear as possible.

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