3 sneaky ways to get your kids to eat more fruit and veg

If you’re a parent, it’s likely you’ll understand how difficult it can be to get your kids to have their five a day. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, children can be picky and stubborn. However, making sure they’re eating right is extremely important for their health and wellbeing. So, if you’re tired of battling it out at mealtimes, here are three sneaky ways to get your kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.

1. Present their food in a fun and interesting way

If you present your children with a plate of bland looking food, the chances are they’ll be reluctant to eat up. So, to avoid them kicking up a fuss at the table, you could make the effort to present their meal in a fun and interesting way. For example, kids love different shapes and colours, so you could arrange their food in an attractive pattern on their plate, such as in the shape of a heart or smiley face.

Alternatively, you could try whisking up a smoothie. This means that your kids will be drinking their daily intake rather than eating solid fruit or veg, and it’s relatively easy to do. A Nutribullet is a kitchen gadget designed to break down, mix and liquefy the ingredients you put into it. This gizmo is available from many high street retailers and from online health websites such as Lloyds Pharmacy. Giving your kids a colourful, tasty smoothie to sip might be the mealtime trick you’ve been looking for.

2. Have them learn by example

If you expect your kids to eat healthily yet they see you feasting on junk food, they may soon realise they’ve been short changed. On the other hand, if they see you eating and enjoying nutritious food, it’s likely they’ll feel more inclined to follow suit. Try to avoid giving your child a vastly different meal than yourself and the rest of your family. Keep mealtimes fair by giving everyone the same to eat and your children should soon learn by example.

3. Get them involved at meal times

Having your kids involved with meal preparations is another great way to encourage them into eating more fruit and vegetables. Your children are likely to become more invested in a meal if they are included as part of the process. For example, you could take them along with you to the supermarket and have them help you choose the ripest pieces of fruit and vegetables. Then, you could get them to assist you in the kitchen. From rinsing vegetables in the sink to mixing together the contents of a fruit salad, there are various tasks your kids can help out with that will make them feel included. This could give them a sense of pride and boost their enthusiasm, leaving them excited to taste the end result.

Getting your kids to eat nutritious meals could be easier than you think. These simple tips could help you encourage them to consume more fruit and vegetables and in turn become much healthier and fitter.

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