3 signs it’s time to change your career


The decision to veer from your chosen career path can be one of the most difficult you’ll ever make. For many people, the idea of starting from scratch at the bottom of the ladder is an altogether terrifying prospect and one that only seems to get scarier the older you are. However, times are changing, and career swaps have become more common than ever before — at any age. Take a look at the warning signs below to decide whether the time has come for you to take the plunge and start a new career. 3

You don’t feel challenged 

For many people, the idea of a daily routine and familiarity in the workplace is something that gives them comfort and allows them to enjoy their role. For others, getting stuck in a monotonous work rhythm leaves them feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled. If you find yourself falling into the latter category, then it may be time for you to consider a career switch. If you’re someone who thrives off challenges and your work no longer provides you with that satisfaction, it could be the perfect time to look for a new position. After all, finding a new career is an extremely rewarding challenge in itself. Why not take yourself out of your comfort zone and seek an occupation that will really put you to the test? If you’re looking to take yourself to the next level but you’re not sure where to begin, then take a look at the Bologna Business School. They pride themselves on providing a cutting-edge and high-quality education with over 40 courses available to help you develop on both a personal and professional level. Its MBA in Luxury Brand Management, for example, strikes a balance between creativity and business, focusing on the necessary steps managers and entrepreneurs should take to realise their full potential and ambitions. 

You’re not focussed

Losing your focus for the task at hand is a clear sign you’re in the wrong occupation. Maybe your passions have changed? Or perhaps your job role is no longer aligned with your interests? Whatever the reason, if you’re failing to focus on aspects of the job that previously captured your attention it’s probably time to turn that attention elsewhere. If a loss of focus is what’s pushing, you to take your career in a new direction it’s important to firstly ask yourself what you really want from your next position. A process of self-discovery and working out why your values and motivations have changed will set you on the right path to finding a role that satisfies you once again. 

You’re unhappy 

The clearest sign it’s time to find a new role is unhappiness. While it’s common to have a bad day at work every now and again, being miserable in the work place is something that no one should have to suffer through. If this is how you’re starting to feel, you may want to ask yourself why before trying to find a new role. Is it the work that is making you unhappy or is it another aspect of your life that is suffering as a consequence of your career? Do you need more time with your family? Or is it an inflexible work environment that’s leaving you feeling down? In today’s working world, people are choosing careers that fit around their lives, hobbies and families more than ever before. Take a look at your personal situation and decide if you can put your skills to use in a new role that will also help boost your mental wellness too. 

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  1. MumFounded says:

    Great tips! I have had 3 huge career changes in my life and each time I knew it was time to abandon ship.
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