The Ultimate Survival Guide For Busy Mums Who Need A Break

Busy mums not only have to work, they also have to manage their kids as well. And juggling the two isn’t easy. Single professionals struggle. Jobs these days are incredibly demanding and take up a vast proportion of their time. But life for busy mums is even more hectic, meaning that they need hacks to help them through. 

That’s precisely what we cover in this post. We take a look at some of the short-cuts you can use to get everything done and enjoy your life. Check out our ideas below. 

Eliminate Social Media From Your Life

When you’re a busy working mum, the last thing you want is your social media habit taking up valuable time. It’s just not worth it. In the old days, being on social media and having a large following represented some value. But now that everyone is using these platforms, they are becoming less and less valuable to individual users. 

Open And Reply To Emails At Certain Times Of The Day

Emails tend to arrive in dribs and drabs throughout the day. So if you’re like most people, you respond to them ad hoc. 

Bad idea. The problem with this method is that it takes your focus away from the main task at hand. And that can lead to falls in your productivity. 

Instead, block time in your schedule to respond to emails. Work through them methodically, then go back to your other tasks and focus on them. 

Choose A Flexible Nursery

If your kids are pre-school, be sure to choose a flexible nursery for them. Find an outlet that allows you to drop them off early and collect them late if you need to. Many nurseries offer services throughout the day for working parents, running from early in the morning until well into the evening. 

Ask Other People For Help

We live in crazy times for parents. In every country outside of the west, everyone in the community chips into the raising of kids. It’s a big effort. But in our cultures, we don’t have that because of work schedules and the like. 

If you’re struggling though, there’s no reason you can’t ask people to fill in for you. Simple things like asking people to bring meals or do the washing up can help tremendously. 

Make Your Lunches The Night Before

Don’t make your lunches in the morning when you’re rushed off your feet. Instead, prepare them the night before alongside your main meal.

Cook Several Meals In One Go

On this theme, you can also try cooking several meals in one go. This way, for instance, you can prepare food for Monday through Thursday on a Sunday night and not have to worry about it during the week.  If something is liable to go off, just bung it in the freezer. 

Time Your Cleaning

Cleaning can also take up a lot of your time. That’s why it’s a good idea to set aside a limited 15 minutes per day to it. If you don’t get everything done, there’s always tomorrow. 

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