8 Smart Life Hacks for the Busy Mom

As a mother, one of the things you probably never have enough of is time. Between meeting everyone’s needs, keeping the house organised, and just generally living life, mothers have a hard time finding balance.

Fortunately, numerous hacks can make your life less hectic. Here are eight things you can do today to have a less stressful and more fulfilling life.

Make Use of Technology

If you can delegate any house chore to a device or machine, by all means, do it. There is enough for you to do without worrying about hand washing your dishes and clothes.

Today, machines can handle most cleaning tasks. Robots, for instance, can vacuum your floors, saving you a considerable amount of time. 

Smart cookers and fridges also go a long way in making a mom’s life easier. Don’t hesitate to invest in tech devices; they will prove worthwhile over the long haul.

Shop Online

Online shopping is a definite godsend for busy moms. Nothing quite compares to the convenience of buying groceries and household staples from the comfort of your home.

A key advantage of online shopping is that it helps buy things mindfully. By choosing products from a screen, you are more likely to buy only the things you need. This lessens the likelihood of purchasing muffins at the grocery stores because they smell amazing or picking that bar of chocolate that’s not in your budget. 

Some online shopping tips that can make you a better buyer are:

  • Always compare prices from different shops to ensure that you get the best deals
  • Make good use of online coupons and loyalty rewards; you will end up saving quite a lot
  • Consider subscribing to regular delivery services for items that you use frequently

Batch Cook

If you have never tried batch cooking, you really should consider doing it. It is a fantastic time-saver and allows you to feed your family healthy, homemade meals.

The simplest way to implement this hack is to prepare larger meals than your family needs when you cook. You can then freeze the extra food and heat it on a busy night.

You can take this a notch higher and prepare a month’s worth of meals. Simply dedicate a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to this purpose. You will only need to reheat food for that month or spend very little time preparing it.

You should also invest in a slow cooker to make cooking more manageable. Most slow cooker recipes are straightforward to make. Often, all you need is to throw ingredients together, switch the cooker on, and let it do its work.

When you get home after a busy day, dinner will be ready, and all you need is to serve it and eat. This makes for a relaxing evening and, undoubtedly, a less hectic life.

Cooking on Gas

Fine Tune Your Routines

One of the things that can boost your productivity tremendously is having routines. If you notice your current routine does not serve you well, don’t hesitate to change it.

When creating your routine, consider blocking off periods to focus on specific tasks. For instance, you may decide to spend an hour or two in the morning doing office work, thirty minutes playing with your kids, and an hour working out.

The benefit of time blocks is that they allow you to concentrate on one thing until you complete it. Being present when you do things goes a long way in lowering your stress levels.

Even with time blocks, there is always the likelihood of remembering something you need to do later. When this happens, it helps to have a notebook nearby where you can jot the task and continue with your current activity. Then, you can attend to the job when you have time.

Because time is precious to moms, you ought to be very intentional about how you spend it. Don’t engage in an activity that you genuinely don’t want to do. Give up non-essential obligations that steal time from your priorities, and you will not regret it.


A cluttered environment creates a stressful environment for everyone. If you want to have a peaceful and relaxing home, you have to stay on top of the clutter.

Consider purging your home of items that no longer serve you. You can use cartons or bin bags to sort your clutter, so you have an easier time disposing of them.

After your initial deep-declutter, you then need to create a decluttering schedule. You may opt to get rid of unnecessary items every month or every few months. Just be sure to have a plan, and clutter will not stress you too much.

Use Fridge Bins

Keeping the fridge can be a tall order. What with all the spills that happen daily as you get food in and out of the refrigerator?

If you can’t keep up with all the cleaning you have to do, consider using clear fridge bins. These allow you to organize items in your fridge, and they also contain spills when they occur. That way, you only need to clean the bin instead of the whole fridge.

The Mattress Pad and Sheet Trick

If you have very young kids, you know how often accidents happen in the crib. You also know how tiring it can be to change sheets in the middle of the night if a baby vomits or otherwise soils their bedding.

A clever way to get around this problem is to invest in a polythene mattress pad. You make the bed with a fitted sheet, place the pad, and then add another fitted sheet. This way, should an accident happen, all you need is to remove the soiled sheet and the mattress pad, and the bed is ready for the baby to sleep.

Use Chalkboard Paint

chalk wall

Do you often find yourself telling your kids to stop drawing on the walls and then having to clean their drawings? Well, you could undoubtedly benefit from chalkboard paint.

This paint transforms your walls into chalkboards, allowing your kids the freedom to do as they please on the walls. You can then erase their work with ease, which is a win-win for everyone. The walls can also serve as excellent notice boards.


If there is one word that aptly describes motherhood, it is hectic. However, too much stress can be detrimental to your health and the well-being of your family. This is where these smart hacks come in handy.

Consider implementing them one at a time until they become part of your life. You will be surprised by the difference they will make in your life. 

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