New Fisher-Price® Imaginext® Jurassic World™ Range Review

There are two toy ranges that have really stood the test of time in our house; our wooden train set (some pieces 20+ years old) and our Fisher-Price® Imaginext® toys.

We started our collection with the Imaginext® Pirate Ship back in 2014 and haven’t looked back since, collecting the DC Super Friends and Power Rangers ranges among others.

The great thing about Fisher Price Imaginext® is that it is built to last and all the characters are compatible with all sets in the range, so you can mix and match your characters. It is also sturdy and robust (all our sets have stood the test of time) and full of quirky features that really keep the kids interested.

Now Fisher-Price® have launched their next Imaginext® range and it is one that Sebastian already has an interest in, as he loves dinosaurs.

The Imaginext®Jurassic World™ Range is full of prehistoric adventures for little ones to enjoy and we were sent some of the items from the range to review.

Imaginext Jurassic World Dinosaur Hauler RRP: £42.99

Imaginext Dinosaur Hauler

This Asset Containment Unit (ACU) is ready to race into action with the fully loaded dinosaur hauler from the Jurassic World.

Dinosaur Hauler

Get the dinosaur ranger ready for action by sloting him into the power pad. A half turn of the Power Pad lowers the ramp on the vehicle and a full turn ejects the cage.


With Blue the raptor in sight, launch the net projectile by pressing the button to catch her and haul her into the cage.

Imaginext Dinosaur

Included in the box are: Vehicle, projectile launcher, net projectile, Blue dinosaur figure, and 1 Asset Containment Unit figure

Jurassic World Imaginext Walking Indoraptor RRP: £64.99


I have always rated Imaginext® as they are generally one of the very few toys that don’t require extra batteries, but when they have a feature that requires a bit of added power, Fisher Price make sure the batteries are included.

This has to be Sebby’s favourite of the three toys we were sent as if you push the power pad down, the dinosaur opens his mouth and roars, however, with a full turn of the Power Pad, you send the angry dinosaur stomping forward on its own.

Imaginext Jurassic World

The dinosaur also moves by himself. Place Owen in the ATV and pop it in front of the Indoraptor. A small sensor picks up that the ATV is in front and sends the dinosaur racing after him!

If you give the ATV a push, the dinosaur will run faster to catch his prey, or park it on the wheel base behind the dinosaur for a free ride!!


The Walking Indoraptor has two stomping speeds: Walk along or rushing speed and requires: 6 AA batteries (Included) 2 x AAA (Included)

Imaginext Jurassic World Mosasaurus & Diver


We were slightly disappointed that this is not a water toy and sinks as soon as it enters the water, however, you can move its flippers and tail, and even open and close its mouth with the red button on its back, to recreate the exciting feeding show!

We love this new range of toys and Sebby has spent ages building his very own Jurassic World with these characters and some of his existing ones. I think these are going to be much loved toys for a long time.

New Fisher-Price® Imaginext® Jurassic World™ are all available from Smyths Toy Store from £11.99 for the basic character assortment.



14 thoughts on “New Fisher-Price® Imaginext® Jurassic World™ Range Review”

  1. I love toys like this, they’re the ones you know you just will have to put away (rather than throw away) when the kids grow up as they’ve loved them so much. My six year old is really in to dinosaurs so he would adore this.

  2. We LOVE this series! We have some too and the boys are completely captivated by them – following the dinosaur across the floor! These are going to be played with for quite some time – love Imaginext!


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