How to Maintain Your Garden Throughout November and December

Winter is a difficult time when it comes to gardening, with many projects put on hold until the weather is slightly warmer, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your garden for the next four months. Whilst the weather conditions may make it hard to physically work on your garden, there are lots of other jobs you can do to maintain the look of the space and keep it in good condition. These useful tips will help you to keep on top of your gardens upkeep, making life a little easier when the springtime arrives.

Clear Fallen Leaves

Throughout autumn, you’ll have noticed that your trees have suddenly gone a beautiful brown colour, with many of them stripped of all their leaves together. With heavy winds throughout the winter, you’ll have all kinds of leaves entering and leaving your garden, quite often gathering in large heaps on your lawn and in the corners of the garden. It’s important to be considerate when you decide to remove the leaves from your garden, as whilst it’s always beneficial to clear them, they are also often home to small animals like hedgehogs, and you don’t want to destroy their homes. Take a good look at the piles of leaves that your sweeping away and make sure you’re not scooping up any nests or wildlife in the process, as you can keep their habitats safe whilst shrinking down the size of the pile to neaten your garden up.

Empty the Pots

After a successful summer of growing your favourite plants and flowers, you may have found that your plant pots are now in a bit of a mess. Whether you’ve left the plants to die and shrivel down in the pot, or they simply gathered dirt and debris over the last few weeks, now is the time to clean them properly, ready for the spring projects you have planned. Once you’ve given them a good clean and removed any soil, put them into storage somewhere safe, like the garage or shed, as this will keep them out of the heavy weather conditions throughout winter.

Cover Flowerbeds

The wet weather conditions can cause your flowerbeds to fill up, whether that’s through the soil soaking up the water or simply filling the inside of the box, so it’s really beneficial to cover them for the winter. Use a tarpaulin to spread across the surface of your flowerbeds to keep the rain and snow from soaking into your beds. This will ensure that the flowerbeds are in good condition when the spring arrives, and you want to begin with your next burst of projects. By having a covered flowerbed area, you will also be able to control pests and prevent any unwanted visitors from nesting there.

Welcome Nature

Bird Box

Whilst there may be certain pests that you don’t want to visit your garden, there are lots of gorgeous animals that are happily welcomed, and it’s important to create a safe space for them to go to through the winter. There are lots of different ways in which you can welcome wildlife into your garden, from leaving out tasty (wild animal friendly) treats, to creating safe houses for them to rest and feel safe.

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