Mum’s View On Mother’s Day – How Important Is It To You?

Mothers’ Day is traditionally the day when us Mum’s love to be treated to a day off and is traditionally celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent, throughout the UK and Europe.

I would love to say that it is a day where I get spoiled rotten, Hubby waits on me hand and foot and the kids all rally around me to make the day extra special but in reality it is just another day.

Working in retail, Hubby has to work weekends and on a Sunday his shift is 9am – 6pm which pretty much puts pay to doing anything special. In fact last year the only child that even mentioned Mother’s Day to me and presented me with a card was my eldest, Abbey.

Like many of the “holiday’s” we now celebrate it came from America and whilst I agree that it is nice to celebrate all the work that us Mum’s put in to our families, I do not like the over-commercialisation of the day now. I always tell the older kids not to waste their hard-earned money on me, especially when things cost double the amount just because it is an apparent “special day”.

In this sense it is not really important to me, however, there is still that part of me that would like to be appreciated and spoiled for one day of the year, even if it is on a budget.

This Mothers’ Day I would like:

  • All 6 of our children in the same place at the same time
  • My husband to have the day off work
  • A photo of all 6 of our children together. Not a staged, false one, but one of them larking about and having fun so I can go to Photobox and get a canvas printed to go on the wall
  • If they insist on getting me a present then I would love a new pair of gloves as I can only find one of mine
  • My final request is that they all stay for a Roast dinner (them cooking it would be an added bonus)

How important is Mothers’ Day to you. Do you expect to be waited on hand and foot or is it just another day filled with bickering children and mounds of washing to do?

21 thoughts on “Mum’s View On Mother’s Day – How Important Is It To You?”

  1. Great post Kara, even though I am obviously a Mum too. Mother’s Day for me is more about me making the most of my Mum and so I have always tried to do something nice with my Mum for the day. I spend every day with my children and Hubby looks after me 99% of the year. He always makes sure the children buy/make me cards and gifts and I treasure them but I love to make it about my Mum.

    I hope you get your Mother’s Day wishes this year x

  2. I like the parts of Mothers Day that you mention, the being together, the eating together. The handmade cards. I really dislike the thought that you need to buy me flowers and expensive gifts.

    My ideal gift would be eating together and maybe a photo shoot!

  3. My husband has never really got Mother’s Day, on my first year as a Mum I didn’t get a card so I asked him about it and he said he didn’t need to get me one as I wasn’t his Mum. I also usually buy the card for his Mum and make sure he sends it. Since I made it clear that I’d like a card in future he has bought me one, and the children usually make one at school, but for the last few years I’ve bought myself a few small presents (box of chocolates, bubble bath, that sort of thing) and given them to the children to wrap up for me! Sometimes I make myself a cake too. I guess I’ll have to wait until the children are old enough to think about it for themselves!

  4. I think Mothers Day is a difficult one as I feel torn between wanting to be “pampered” and pampering my own mum.

    My husbands mum is unfortunately no longer with us, so ultimately he looks out for me and I look out for my mum. It kind of works!

  5. I too would love a mother’s day with both my girls and hubby but it’s almost impossible due to our lifestyles. The photo canvas idea sounds great I recently had one done.its the best pressie ever.

  6. I get two, in Bavaria they have Mother’s Day in May so that’s when I get the cards from school etc. but I only really want the real cards on English Mother’s Day! Hope you get what you want on your list! 🙂

  7. I don’t have any children yet so have not as yet had the opportunity to experience that side of the holiday. I do, however, try to spoil all the mothers in my family as much as I can (my own mom and my mum-in-law especially but my sisters-in-law as well) by sending them cards and little gifts of things they can use. Most of my family are in the States which is why I send them gifts and cards, my mum-in-law is here in the UK so my hubby and I get to spoil her a bit more. I think for me it would be important to have quality time with my husband and children and not so much the gift aspect though it is always nice to be thought of. 🙂

  8. It’s just another day to us although hub will prob make dinner & I get flowers from my teen (bought by Dad) so that’s nice.
    Last year I agreed to help decorate & set up for the Mothers day lunch at our boat club and then came home as hub had forgotten to book us in for it! : )

  9. It’s really just another day to me, it’s nice to get all the kids together and go out for lunch or something and I do love a nice bunch of flowers and some nice pictures the kids draw me x

  10. It’s just another day to me, I’m looking forward to when Lucas will be making me cards with his childminder on these special days but I think as with most other holidays, it has become too commercialised x

  11. It’s not ever so important to me. My children are young so I do like that they make things for me, but they have no concept of giving me a day off. I hope my 18 year old remembers to treat me this year though, now he has a girlfriend to remind him!

  12. I like Mother’s Day as a chance to celebrate my mum, so we all go round to her house and have a nice lunch together. Like you I feel like it should be being together when we are able, and I love the idea of a photo of everyone – I hope you get your wishes!

  13. I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day to be honest as it’s a day where I feel a bit sad usually but my two love to make cards and presents for me and the effort they put into them always makes me feel loved x x

  14. My mum always used to say that she’d like some peace and quiet for Mother’s Day. I never understood why until I had kids! Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most: being brought a cup of tea in bed would be right at the top of my list.


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