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There is one skill I insist my children learn – the ability to swim.

Not only is it a fantastic source of exercise and good for their health, but I feel it is especially important as we live by the coast.

My younger three all look forward to swimming lessons and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or all of them took up the sport competitively in the future.  For now though, it is all about the fun!

Swimming lessons have changed significantly since my eldest learned to swim and now you can even get pictures of them swimming underwater.  We had this done with Sebastian last week and I cannot wait to see them but in the meantime, we have some fabulous pictures from above which hubby took.

Turtle Tots

Turtle Tots

turtle tots underwater shoot 23rd march 2014 019


You can read all about our underwater adventure here.

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10 thoughts on “The Gallery – Swimming”

  1. Oh cute pics. I’m also insisting on swimming lessons for N. We love them (although did go through a year of hell), but now he loves swimming. Hopefully in the next 6 months he’ll be able to swim a width on his own…he’s quite lazy though, so it’ll be debatable.

    Have very few pictures though because noone ever comes with us to take photos. Must get someone along to do so given we need them for my blog posts!

  2. Oh wow Kara that’s just adorable seeing little Sebastian in the water. How great they’re all swimming though, that’s brilliant. We did Aquatots with POD when she was a baby then me breaking my wrist (long story!!) meant we ended up stopping for a year. Such a shame she was like a little fish then. Now we’re easing her in gently before we start lessons!

  3. I agree completely; swimming is such an important life skill. We used to take the kids ourselves and when we felt they couldn’t learn anymore from us, we enrolled them for swimming lessons. It’s amazing to see them having such confidence in the water.


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