The £100K Dream – What Would You Do?

Log Burner

I’m entering Jackpot 247‘s £100K Dream Competition.

What would we do if we won £100k?

Well, I wouldn’t let the kids loose with it, that’s for sure.

I have to admit that it is a fairly boring post as I wouldn’t be spending it on flash holidays and fast cars!

If we were lucky enough to win that sort of money I would use it to put towards the mortgage and buy a new house.

We love our home and worked really hard to get a mortgage but we are firmly stuck on the first rung of the ladder and need a boost to get us up and moving in the right direction.  The kids share bedrooms and I would love to be in a financial position where we could afford somewhere where they all have their own bedroom.

I am not going to kid myself that we would be able to afford a mansion, but if we could stretch to a playroom too, that would be amazing as I am fed up of falling over the kids toys everywhere I go.

After our holiday to Newcastle-Under-Lyme the icing on the cake would be a real fire, or a log burner.  This time of year I really do miss being able to snuggle up next to a roaring fire.

If you won £100k, what would you do?

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