10 of the Best UK Walking Holidays


The next few months present a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Britain has lots to offer in the way of rambling. The 15 National Parks have lots of spectacular scenery, activities and camping facilities. Walking is a great family activity – it’s healthy, it gets you all away from television and tablet screens and you can factor in a nice little picnic. So this Easter get out and breathe some fresh air by trying one of these great walking holiday destinations.

Lake District
Coniston, Borrowdale, Windermere, there are a whole host of picturesque places in the Lake District to enjoy. A trip to the Lakes can also include some water sports, camping and a nice pub lunch in one of the quaint towns or villages.

Wales’ National Park has walks for all levels of ramblers. More experienced walkers can challenge themselves to climb Snowdon while there are lots of more leisurely walks for those who want to take it a bit easy. Take a look at Visit Snowdonia for the variety of trails on offer. Away from the footpaths, there is a climbing centre, highland railway and Victorian mine to explore.

Peak District
The Peak District is a handy location for so many people who live in England. This area of Derbyshire also has some beautiful locations to take the family away to. Buxton (of spa fame) makes a great base from which to explore the region. You can take in some fantastic views by going on the High Peak Trail, whereas the Thornhill Trail offers a more relaxed 2-mile stroll. Holiday provider UK Breakaways offer some great deals on trips to this beautiful area of the country.

For walks that are a bit more ‘refreshing’ but offer some fantastic rugged scenery, the Highlands in the north of Scotland is a serious ramblers paradise. For those looking for alternatives to walking, there are some great golf courses, beautiful fishing retreats and towns with lovely museums as well as restaurant with wonderful fresh produce.

East Anglia
East Anglia is too often overlooked as a destination for walkers. The Norfolk Broads has over 190 miles of footpaths and is endowed with some truly captivating countryside. A nice holiday idea for Norfolk is to take a barge down the many canals. This can be combined with some long walks when you moor the vessel and you may also squeeze in a few of those special pub lunches!

North Yorkshire
For dramatic scenery, the North Yorkshire Moors is up there as one of the best places in the country. For isolation it is also one of the best places to go. The sprawling hilly landscape holds so many possibilities for a fantastic holiday. As well as the landscape made famous in the classic novel Wuthering Heights, there are nice towns such as Malton and Whitby to explore.

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