10 Goals for 2021


For the last few years, instead of New Years Resolutions I have given myself a list of goals for the year.

This year I am a bit later than usual writing the post, as going back into lockdown on New Year’s Eve put any plans we did have to bed.

Get a new sofa

Taken from my 2020 goals, getting a new sofa is something we talk about every year as ours is 11+ years old now and just not comfortable anymore.

It is a bit of a cheat goal if I am honest, as we ordered one at the end of December, just before lockdown, but it is not going to arrive until April, so I have included it in my 2021 goals.


Decorate the House

Being stuck at home for much of 2020 has made us really see things that need doing in the house. Last year we replaced our leaky flat roof, so the dining room is first on the list, closely followed by the kitchen and the downstairs bathroom. It will also help us declutter.

Teach Sebby to ride a bike properly

We love cycling as a family, but Sebby is always sat on the back of mine and as he is 7.5 years, he is too big now.

Canford Sang Bike

We have our work cut out as he cannot seem to peddle forwards, but I plan on getting him a tail gator to see if it helps.

Tick more items off my 50 before 50

I first wrote my 50 places to visit before I am 50 post in 2018, but I have only ticked 13 things off and I only have 3.5 years left to do the other 37!

Old Harry Rocks

I only managed to tick two things off in 2020 because of lockdown. There are a few UK based things still to do, which include walking the Jurassic Coast, which is local to us. We avoided most of it this year thanks to all the visitors from all over the country.

Build my blogs back up

2020 has been a mixed year for both blogs.

My travel blog arewenearlythereyet.co.uk actually did really well in pageviews last year, with lots of content on local days out, but I really struggled with regular content.

This one has definitely taken a hit, as I started a new job at a supermarket during lockdown to help earn some extra income when my husband lost his job and I really struggled with time and inclination.

Now that he is back working again, hopefully we can get a bit more balance.

Travel again

We had a bit of a disastrous year travel wise in 2020. During our February half term holiday to Spain, I spent 5 days in hospital with Sebby who had pneumonia, then lockdown happened, meaning we had to cancel our holiday to the South of France.

Sebby Hospital

We would like to get abroad if possible this year, but realistically, we would be content with a UK based break as our savings took a massive hit last year and it will take time to build them back up.

Buy a new (to me) car

My car is 13 years old now and starting to cost a lot of money. The electrics are shot and it seems to develop oil leak after oil leak.

I don’t need a big car, as my husband has the family 7 seater car, but it does need to have room for Lilah’s car seat and my three – one of whom is still in a car seat.

Lilah Car Seat

Spend more time with extended family and friends

I am really lucky that we formed a childcare bubble with Abbey for my kids and Lilah, so we have got to see a lot of each other over the last year.


We have really missed seeing other family and friends though. It would be lovely to pop in and see my Mum or Dad without worrying about health repercussions, or meeting up with friends.

Visit Warner Bros Studio Tour

We were booked to visit the Studio Tour for Eliza’s birthday last year, then again for Hogwarts in the Snow for this January.

Eliza Scops Owl

I am determined we will get there this year, whilst Eliza is still Harry Potter mad!

Get back to normal

Finally, I would like life to get back to as normal as possible.


I want to celebrate birthday’s with parties, enjoy a meal out with the family, go on days out. I am even looking forward to ferrying the kids to their various swimming lessons and clubs again.

Do you have any goals for 2021?

5 thoughts on “10 Goals for 2021

  1. Talya Stone says:

    I’m with you on the getting back to normal and travelling again! I miss both of those things so much. Good luck with achieving your goals this year 🙂

  2. These are all great goals. I would love a new sofa this year.

  3. Frankie says:

    I love your goal of getting back to normal. It would be so nice just to be able to spend birthdays etc with our grandsons and go travelling in our camper van.

  4. I love your goals. I have been gradually decorating our flat and doing all those little jobs that I would usually put off. I also want to start saving money and look into selling our flat in the future as we outgrew it years ago.

  5. claire says:

    I think get back to normal would be top of my list! We were due to warner brothers studio last year, I have never been so I would really like to get that done this year.

    I hope that you achieve your goals this year x

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