Project 365 2021: Week Three


My husband is enjoying his new job, but his hours have changed already. Because of the COVID situation the store has split itself into two bubbles, which means he is day in, then day off, day in, day off etc. It does mean a shorter working week day side, but he still does the same hours, so is working longer days. Other than that, there is no real change to our situation at the moment. Here is our week: Sunday… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Three”

Keep the air we breathe at home clean and fresh by using air purifiers

Over the last few months we have become so much more aware of personal hygiene than ever before, with constant hand washing, mask wearing and cleaning our homes and workplaces. For the last 9 months, I have been working in a supermarket and I worry about bringing contaminates home to the family. In fact, as soon as I walk in the door, my uniform comes off and goes straight in the wash and I will jump in the shower as… Continue Reading “Keep the air we breathe at home clean and fresh by using air purifiers”

10 Goals for 2021


For the last few years, instead of New Years Resolutions I have given myself a list of goals for the year. This year I am a bit later than usual writing the post, as going back into lockdown on New Year’s Eve put any plans we did have to bed. Get a new sofa Taken from my 2020 goals, getting a new sofa is something we talk about every year as ours is 11+ years old now and just not… Continue Reading “10 Goals for 2021”

Win a copy of the vegan super pack, perfect for vegan-curious parents

Everyone's Going Vegan

Everywhere, people are asking questions about changing their diet and Vegan Super Pack is here to provide the answers! Everyone’s Going Vegan is an epic FULLY UPDATED magazine that is part of their vegan campaign to change Britain’s eating habits and change the world. The 64 page magazine includes: 13 pages of delicious, mouthwatering recipes Four free pull-out charts: Egg-free replacers, Are you a baby eater?, Calcium-rich sources, What I need to eat each day reminder Interview with actor, Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones, Ripper… Continue Reading “Win a copy of the vegan super pack, perfect for vegan-curious parents”

Project 365 2021: Week Two

Rainbow Sang

I began the week self-isolating as my app pinged me. Thankfully it’s only for 4 days, which means I must have been in contact with someone with it around New Year’s Day. I know quite a few people are off with COVID or are also self isolating and numbers are escalating around us and fast. Our numbers had been so low throughout 2020 that I had not been too worried about it, but now it’s getting too close to home.… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Two”