DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO® collection

It’s time to experience Batman’s awesome world in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’. He has millions of dollars, all the gadgets money can buy, and a sweet (very dark) costume. Better yet, he gets to spend every night punching evil in the face on the streets of Gotham. But now, to his horror, he has a responsibility – to look after the orphan boy he accidentally adopted. And how better to do that than by taking him on as a sidekick?… Continue Reading “DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO® collection”

H2O Remote Control Car from Project Mc²

In a bid to move Eliza on from never ending episodes of Barbie and My Little Pony we have discovered Project Mc² on Netflix. They’re the smartest girls in school and they’re also spies who use science and technology to catch the bad guys and now there is a range of toys that has arrived to encourage a love of science in little girls. We have been sent the H2O Remote Control Car to review and just like in the NetflixTM… Continue Reading “H2O Remote Control Car from Project Mc²”

Little Live Pet Hedgehogs Review

Little Live Pets

Back in April last year we invited a new kind of pet into the house. One that didn’t leave deposits around the house; One that didn’t escape and hide in places that are almost impossible to get to; One that didn’t cost any extra money on food, toys and essentials other than the initial outlay, the next best thing to a real life pet – a Little Live Pet Mouse family. The mouse family has been living happily in Eliza’s… Continue Reading “Little Live Pet Hedgehogs Review”

Teksta Micropets Review

Teksta Micropets

We are big fans of Teksta pets having reviewed the Teksta Scorpion and Teksta Newborn Kitty before. Now there is the a new pet in town that is smaller than ever, the Teksta Micropet. Robotic pets don’t come much cuter than these miniature pets that respond to your touch and voice and can be trained on their playsets! Their eyes light up, they run around and make cute noises and best of all is they each come with their own playset that you… Continue Reading “Teksta Micropets Review”

Unboxing the new Numnoms Light Series #Unboxingday

Num Noms

Boxing Day sees the launch of series 3 of Num Noms – the Light series! We were sent the Num Noms Lunch Box Deluxe pack, a Num Noms Light mystery pack and two Mystery Blind Packs to “unbox” on #UnBoxingDay. Although Num Noms are Eliza’s favourite collectible toys, the boys wanted to join in too so it was a real family affair. So what are Num Noms? Num Noms are collectible, scented characters. Mix & match to make your own flavour… Continue Reading “Unboxing the new Numnoms Light Series #Unboxingday”