JoJo Bow Maker – Review

JoJo Bow Maker

Like many girls in primary school, Eliza loves JoJo Bows. I tried resisting it for a while, but when every child at school is wearing one it becomes inevitable that we would give in at some point. We started with the smaller 8cm JoJo Bows which suit Eliza’s fine hair perfectly and she keeps them all stored on her Hair Helper next to her bed and carefully selects which ones she wants to wear each day. Over the half term… Continue Reading “JoJo Bow Maker – Review”

Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station Playset Review

Schleich Jungle set

If you have been following my blog, you will know that we are huge fans of Schleich figures in our house and have drawers full of farm animals and dinosaurs which get played with regularly. We have recently reviewed the Schleich Tractor and Trailer Set from their farm world range and their Schleich Horse Club Mobile Vet set. Now things have got slightly wilder and we have been sent their Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station Playset to test. This set sees you… Continue Reading “Schleich Croco Jungle Research Station Playset Review”

10 things that happen after you come home from Walt Disney World

Princess Elena of Avalor

It as been just over a month since we returned home from Walt Disney World in Orlando and there has been a definite shift in things the kids love to do. Once they have come down from all the excitement of telling absolutely everyone about their holiday, you think it would stop………wrong! The kids are now all-things-Disney obsessed. Things that happen when you get back from Walt Disney World 1. Our 14-year-old Disney CD that has been gathering dust in… Continue Reading “10 things that happen after you come home from Walt Disney World”

Barbie Deluxe Styling Head Flip & Reveal

Barbie Styling Head

Eliza has never really been a girly girl, probably due to growing up in a house full of boys. Over the last few weeks, however, she has taken more pride in her appearance and is starting to attempt to do her own hair, adding bows and clips for effect. Growing up in the 1970’s, I have fond memories of playing with my Girl’s World Styling head, doing its make-up and curling its hair with the rollers so when we were… Continue Reading “Barbie Deluxe Styling Head Flip & Reveal”

The Emoji Movie – Poop Daddy and Jailbreak Collectibles

Poop Emoji

If there is one film the kids have been nagging me to take them to see, it is the Emoji Movie. I have to admit the film does seem like a clever idea, but emoji’s un-nerve me now, after seeing that rather scary episode of Dr Who! The film is based on a world hidden inside a smartphone, the bustling city of Textopolis, which is home to all emojis. Each emoji has only one facial expression, except for Gene, an… Continue Reading “The Emoji Movie – Poop Daddy and Jailbreak Collectibles”