Unboxing the new Numnoms Light Series #Unboxingday

Num Noms

Boxing Day sees the launch of series 3 of Num Noms – the Light series! We were sent the Num Noms Lunch Box Deluxe pack, a Num Noms Light mystery pack and two Mystery Blind Packs to “unbox” on #UnBoxingDay. Although Num Noms are Eliza’s favourite collectible toys, the boys wanted to join in too so it was a real family affair. So what are Num Noms? Num Noms are collectible, scented characters. Mix & match to make your own flavour… Continue Reading “Unboxing the new Numnoms Light Series #Unboxingday”

Have a Happy Minion Christmas!

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me and the Minions are still much loved films in our house and I am excited to learn that Despicable Me 3 is out in 2017. In the new film, Gru faces off against Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who grows up to become obsessed with the character he played in the ’80s. We also get some sibling rivalry when Gru meets his long lost twin brother, Dru! It is safe to say we cannot wait for the… Continue Reading “Have a Happy Minion Christmas!”

Thunderbirds are Go with the Supersize Thunderbird 3!!

Thunderbirds are Go with the Supersize Thunderbird 3!!

At 3½, Sebastian is starting to move away from Cbeebies, influenced by his big brother and is particularly fond of Dangermouse and Thunderbirds. Now he can take his very own missions into space as we were sent the Supersize Thunderbird 3 Playset to review. If I am honest, it is a bit fiddly to set up, requiring a tiny crosshead screwdriver to be able to add the batteries and fill up the water tank, but once done we were ready to… Continue Reading “Thunderbirds are Go with the Supersize Thunderbird 3!!”

The Pre-Christmas Clear Out


It feels like we haven’t been at home for a weekend since well before the summer holidays. In fact looking back, weekends at home have been few and far between and it has meant that the house has got a little out of control. The kids love collecting all the paraphernalia that goes with our days out, from sea glass and shells from the beach, to leaflets and maps from theme parks and even badges and medals they earn along the… Continue Reading “The Pre-Christmas Clear Out”

My First Scalextric Review

I was such a tomboy as a child and played with cars over dolls most of the time. I always wanted a Scalextric and when my step-brother got one for Christmas one year I was over the moon as it meant that I got to play too. Having four boys in the house you would have thought that we would have owned a Scalextric set by now but to my disappointment they were never interested……..until now. Sebby loves everything to… Continue Reading “My First Scalextric Review”