Schleich Wildlife Starter Set Review

Sebastian is animal mad and our favourite travel game at the moment from last week’s long journey to Scotland and back is the animal game. “When I go to the zoo, I want to see………….” The game provided hours of entertainment and although we started off with traditional animals you would find in the zoo, we soon ended up with a few made up ones too. We have a drawer full of Schleich farm animals and dinosaurs but I have been keen… Continue Reading “Schleich Wildlife Starter Set Review”

A Big Year for Sebastian!!


It is a fact that babies develop fast, but people also forget that the toddler years are pretty full on with changes too. At the beginning of the year Sebastian wasn’t talking and had been referred to have his hearing tested and speech therapy, he was still in nappies and showed no interest in potty training and had just started pre-school. Fast forward a year and what a difference. My non-talker doesn’t stop talking now that he has the confidence… Continue Reading “A Big Year for Sebastian!!”

Yvolution Strolly Compact Review


Kids trikes have come a long way since my eldest were little and I have fond memories of taking mine for a walk with their trikes and ending up going in circles as they insisted on steering themselves. Thankfully times have changed and trikes are far more parent friendly and can also be used by much younger children in place of a pushchair. Now there is a new Trike on the block – the Yvolution Strolly which comes boxed, requiring assembly.… Continue Reading “Yvolution Strolly Compact Review”

Potty Training 6 Weeks In!

Sebastian and I are now 6 weeks in to our potty training journey and I am surprised by how well he has done. Our first month of potty training was a bit up and down but now he has so much control of his bladder that he can hold on for wee if we are not right near a toilet and is even dry at night which never happened with my others. I think having Lightening McQueen pants really helped… Continue Reading “Potty Training 6 Weeks In!”