Silent Sunday – 14th January 2018

Swimming Trophy

My Silent Sunday is not so silent this week. I am super proud of this young man, in last years cubs swimming gala he refused to do all but one race. This year he took part in all the races with a huge smile on his face, won 3 heats and reached the finals for breaststroke and freestyle. He came away with 3 medals, a gold and two bronze and his pack won the overall tournament. Well done to all… Continue Reading “Silent Sunday – 14th January 2018”

A Turned Corner

Swimming Gala

Back in October Isaac took part in his first swimming gala with Swim Bournemouth and after a bit of a wobbly start he got in the pool and got his first times in breaststroke and freestyle. Since then he has really turned a corner with his swimming and has a new determination about him, listening well in lessons and even upping his sessions from 3 to 4 per week. At Christmas his swimming club organise a ‘Christmas Colours Gala’, which… Continue Reading “A Turned Corner”

Rocking your inner mermaid with Planet Mermaid

Planet Mermaid

Eliza loves the water. In fact, she loves being under the water so much, that her swimming instructor jokes that she should have been a mermaid! She has been asking for a mermaid tail for the last couple of years, but we were always worried about safety, instead choosing to get her a crochet blanket instead for Christmas last year. This year, however, she has just achieved her 400m distance swimming award and I think she is ready for her… Continue Reading “Rocking your inner mermaid with Planet Mermaid”

Zoggs Water Wing Vest Review

I am a firm believer that kids should learn to swim from an early age as it is a vital life skill to have. Both Isaac and Eliza are confident swimmers with Isaac recently completing an 1800m distance swim in just 60 minutes and Eliza has just earned her 400m badge and her level 4 swimming certificate. Sebastian has been having swimming lessons with Turtle Tots since he was a couple of months old and has a good grasp of… Continue Reading “Zoggs Water Wing Vest Review”