DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO® collection

It’s time to experience Batman’s awesome world in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’. He has millions of dollars, all the gadgets money can buy, and a sweet (very dark) costume. Better yet, he gets to spend every night punching evil in the face on the streets of Gotham. But now, to his horror, he has a responsibility – to look after the orphan boy he accidentally adopted. And how better to do that than by taking him on as a sidekick?… Continue Reading “DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO® collection”

Chalkola Chalk Pens Review


I first saw Chalk Ola Chalk Markers over on my friend Joanne’s blog, where she was using them to create a visual way of setting goals for the new year. I have a couple of chalkboards at home, one in the garden for the kids to draw on and one in the kitchen that I use to write all my reviews on. Up until now I have been using normal chalk which has its own issues. Indoors it is dusty and… Continue Reading “Chalkola Chalk Pens Review”

Puppy Surprise – Taffy!!

Puppy Surprise

One of Eliza’s best friends has just got an adorable new puppy called Skye and like many children when faced with a cute puppy has asked for her very own. Much as I like the idea of a puppy I know we don’t have the room or the time one would need so sadly the answer was ‘no’. Although it is not quite the same as a real life puppy, a cuddly toy can be a great alternative and Flair… Continue Reading “Puppy Surprise – Taffy!!”

Schleich Wildlife Starter Set Review

Sebastian is animal mad and our favourite travel game at the moment from last week’s long journey to Scotland and back is the animal game. “When I go to the zoo, I want to see………….” The game provided hours of entertainment and although we started off with traditional animals you would find in the zoo, we soon ended up with a few made up ones too. We have a drawer full of Schleich farm animals and dinosaurs but I have been keen… Continue Reading “Schleich Wildlife Starter Set Review”

Little Live Pet Hedgehogs Review

Little Live Pets

Back in April last year we invited a new kind of pet into the house. One that didn’t leave deposits around the house; One that didn’t escape and hide in places that are almost impossible to get to; One that didn’t cost any extra money on food, toys and essentials other than the initial outlay, the next best thing to a real life pet – a Little Live Pet Mouse family. The mouse family has been living happily in Eliza’s… Continue Reading “Little Live Pet Hedgehogs Review”