Bosch Sky Variable Temperature Kettle Review

Hot Chocolate

Now the temperature has dropped, it is hot chocolate season in our house and I have had to make sure that the cupboards are stocked with mini marshmallows and whipped cream to make them extra special. The only problem with making hot chocolate for the kids is that it is always too hot and they have to wait for it to cool down…….until now! We were sent the Bosch Sky kettle to review, which can not only hold up to 1.7… Continue Reading “Bosch Sky Variable Temperature Kettle Review”

JoJo Siwa Singing Doll and Bow

JoJo Siwa Doll

JoJo Siwa is a youtube sensation adored by pre-teen girls the world over. Although Eliza hasn’t taken to watching her channel, she does love the JoJo Bow craze she started and last week we reviewed the JoJo Bow Maker to make our own signature bows. Now you can get your very own Jojo with the bow-bow doll! The 10″ JoJo doll is sporting her signature oversized yellow bow and sings her hit song, “boomerang!” but pressing a button on her stomach.… Continue Reading “JoJo Siwa Singing Doll and Bow”

Smart Globe Explorer from Oregon Scientific Review

Smart Globe

The kids love learning about the world we live in and finding where the countries are that we have visited on a map or globe. Currently Isaac is learning all about Finland and they are doing a project comparing daylight hours and temperatures between Finland and the UK as their teachers Dad lives over there. We have been sent the Smart Globe Explorer to review and it is a great addition to his learning. The globe itself comes with a wireless… Continue Reading “Smart Globe Explorer from Oregon Scientific Review”

JoJo Bow Maker – Review

JoJo Bow Maker

Like many girls in primary school, Eliza loves JoJo Bows. I tried resisting it for a while, but when every child at school is wearing one it becomes inevitable that we would give in at some point. We started with the smaller 8cm JoJo Bows which suit Eliza’s fine hair perfectly and she keeps them all stored on her Hair Helper next to her bed and carefully selects which ones she wants to wear each day. Over the half term… Continue Reading “JoJo Bow Maker – Review”

Anki Overdrive Review

Anki Overdrive

My most wanted toy as a child was a Scalextric and I remember asking Father Christmas for one for a number of years. Finally my wish was granted, sort of, as my step-brother got one and we spent hours setting it up and racing the cars around the track, so much that the brushes wore out on the bottom of the cars. Things have moved on from the 70’s now and my kids are more interested in racing cars around… Continue Reading “Anki Overdrive Review”