How Not to Let Baby Derail Your Retirement Planning


New babies are an adorable, lovable, miraculous way to stress out parents. There will be good days, like when baby takes the first steps. Then there will be bad days, like runny noses and fevers. One constant that can begin even before baby’s arrival is the stress a new baby places on a family’s budget. The list of “must haves” seems endless: nappies, clothing, nursery set up, toys, meals, medical care, on and on in endless progression, always changing as… Continue Reading “How Not to Let Baby Derail Your Retirement Planning”

Show me the Money!

Underwater photo

I dread checking the kid’s school bags these days – not for the dreaded homework, although could be a rant for another post, but for the dreaded “love letters” from the school. I love my kids getting to go on school trips as I think they learn far more from an interactive day out, however, it’s the cost of these trips.  On each letter we are asked for a “voluntary contribution” followed by the line “this trip may be cancelled… Continue Reading “Show me the Money!”

Motoring Money Saving Tips for January


Driving these days can cost a fortune. While the price of fuel is finally starting to come down, there are still a lot of other motoring expenses that you need to worry about. If you’re looking to cut down on your expenses this year then there are a few useful tips that can help. Below you’ll discover the best motoring money saving tips to get you started. Saving on your car insurance Car insurance is the biggest expense drivers need… Continue Reading “Motoring Money Saving Tips for January”

Are you up for White Christmas Dip 2014?

White Christmas Dip

The White Christmas Dip is an annual charity Christmas morning swim held on the beach next to Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth, organised by Tom Baker and Family. Every year the dip begins on the beach, just to the right of Boscombe Pier, and finishes in the sea! The Christmas morning swim is a fantastic excuse for a family outing and healthy sea air on Christmas Day. The event has been running for 7 years now and, to date, both the number… Continue Reading “Are you up for White Christmas Dip 2014?”

Making smarter financial decisions starts by following the experts

piggy bank

As credit providers battle for fresh custom this summer, the cost of borrowing is coming down and rates are falling to record lows. So if you’re looking for credit at the moment, it’s a smart time to do so. But before you apply for any form of personal credit, it’s important to check your credit score first, to equip yourself with the best possible chances of successfully applying for a loan or card. You will also have the chance to… Continue Reading “Making smarter financial decisions starts by following the experts”