Little Live Pets Cutie Pups Play-Case Review

Lil Cutie Pups

We are big fans of Little Live Pets in our house. Little Live Pets are realistic animal toys that just love to interact with you and there are several species in the collection from mice to birds and everything in between. Eliza’s favourite is her Little Live Pet Hedgehog which loves to run around and then curl up into a ball. Sebby, on the other hand, much prefers our Little Live Pets Mouse family and although they come with a fun track… Continue Reading “Little Live Pets Cutie Pups Play-Case Review”

Pre-Packed Christmas Stockings from Hawkin’s Bazaar

No time to stuff the perfect Christmas Stocking? Don’t panic, Hawkin’s Bazaar have already done it for you! Their pre-filled Christmas Stockings are crammed full of goodies, toys and games sure to delight the recipient and they come in several options including: Male Stocking – Adult Female Stocking – Female Boy Stocking – 14+ Girl Stocking – 14+ Boy Stocking – 8+ Girl Stocking – 8+ Boy Stocking – 3+ Girl Stocking – 3+ What’s more, their 2017 Christmas stockings… Continue Reading “Pre-Packed Christmas Stockings from Hawkin’s Bazaar”

DR1 Airhogs Micro Race Drone Review

Airhogs Race Drone

Flying toys are a big deal in my house. Not sure what it is about them but the boys (I include Hubby in that comment) spend hours perfecting their flying techniques. We were sent the DR1 Airhogs Micro Race Drone to review and unlike many of its competitors was charged and ready to go straight from the box, although you do have to pop 2 AAA batteries in the remote control first. This indoor drone has flight assist technology with… Continue Reading “DR1 Airhogs Micro Race Drone Review”

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 4-in-1 Puzzle Set

One of Sebastian’s favourite books is the Very Hungry Caterpillar and he can recite the story word for word. We were invited to review the Very Hungry Caterpillar 4-in-1 Puzzle Set from Paul Lamond Games which contains four lots of fun in one box! The set has been created to entertain and engage children aged three years and up and contains four vibrant jigsaws of 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces. Sebby managed to do the 12 and 16 piece without… Continue Reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar 4-in-1 Puzzle Set”

Introducing Cubetto from Primo Toys

The thought of learning coding fills me with fear. Kian is studying games design at sixth form and his work goes straight over my head and even making HTML codes for my blog gives me a headache. Computers are second nature to this generation and even Isaac is learning to code at school and now you can teach children as young a three to code with Primo Toys Cubetto. I was offered the Cubetto to review and if I am… Continue Reading “Introducing Cubetto from Primo Toys”