My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids


Just walk into any supermarket and you are bombarded with shelf upon shelf of chocolate treats all ready and waiting for Easter. In our family we avoid Easter Eggs, although the kids receive them from friends and family so they do get a couple to enjoy. Instead we buy them a little gift, usually toys or clothing, depending what they want or need. Easter is the perfect time to teach children all about new life, why things grow and getting… Continue Reading “My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids”

Interplay Pocket Microscope Review #30DaysWild


Ever since Isaac’s friend Charlie took his pocket microscope to Avon Heath Isaac has wanted one and on that trip they found all sorts of creatures on the heath including bullet ants, damsel flies and spiders. We are taking part in the #30dayswild challenge so when Interplay offered us the Pocket Microscope to review I jumped at the chance and it was the best decision I have made. This June the #30dayswild challenge is about doing something wild every day… Continue Reading “Interplay Pocket Microscope Review #30DaysWild”

Fablab Metallic Tattoos from Interplay

My kids love having temporary tattoos on their arms and if we are at a school disco or an event where they have a face painter / glitter tattooist it is the first thing they ask for. Now I can save myself a fortune and get away with doing them at home with Metallic Tattoos from Interplay which are the latest trend in temporary tattoos. The FabLab Metallic Tattoos kit contains over 120 cool designs which are suitable for both… Continue Reading “Fablab Metallic Tattoos from Interplay”

Sparkly Jewellery Set from Interplay – Review & Giveaway

Sparkly Jewellery Set

Since starting Rainbows, Eliza has suddenly wanted craft morning, noon and night and I have been busy hunting down fun things for her to do. Interplay have some amazing craft sets for kids and when we were offered the Sparkly Jewellery Set to review I knew Eliza would love it. The set, which is suitable for children age 4 and over, allows you to thread together the beads and make sparkly charms which you can use to create your own unique necklaces,… Continue Reading “Sparkly Jewellery Set from Interplay – Review & Giveaway”

Interplay FabLab Designer Tie Die Kit Review and Giveaway

Isaac and Eliza love to make models and pictures, but the only problem with this is they have ruined a couple of t-shirts with pen / paint marks that just will not come out. I was almost at the stage where I was going to throw this clothes out, but then the opportunity came around for us to review the FabLab Tie Dye Kit It is fun and easy to do and the 8 page instruction booklet explains the techniques to get… Continue Reading “Interplay FabLab Designer Tie Die Kit Review and Giveaway”