Iceland – a family friendly destination?

Back in January 2016 I wrote a post about why I wanted to visit Iceland and that the destination was top of my “without the kids” bucket list. I don’t why, but I never thought of Iceland as a family friendly destination, however, on a recent trip to World Travel Market at Excel London, I was introduced to the Iceland Tourist Board who changed my mind. Flights to Iceland take just 3 hours from the UK and you can fly from… Continue Reading “Iceland – a family friendly destination?”

Why I Want to Visit Iceland

Earlier this month I wrote a post on my must visits in the UK for 2016 and have crossed one of them off already. Writing them down seems to put them at the forefront of my mind, so I have decided to do a series of posts on where I want to visit abroad and at the very top of that list is Iceland. I never did get to university but if I had I would have studied Geology and where… Continue Reading “Why I Want to Visit Iceland”