Fine Dining aboard the Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista

I have already posted about where to eat for free aboard the Carnival Vista, but they also offer some magnificent restaurants onboard and I urge you to check out at least one during your cruise. Now, I cannot give you our favourite restaurant as they are so different, yet all are amazing in their own way. The first restaurant we got to try was JiJi Asian Kitchen. JiJi, meaning lucky lucky, serves up enticing dishes in a restaurant designed with… Continue Reading “Fine Dining aboard the Carnival Vista”

Is Mauritius a Family Friendly Destination?

I have to admit that I have always thought of Mauritius as somewhere you would visit for a romantic holiday as a couple, however it is now the go to place for an affordable luxury family holiday. Mauritius is located in the South West part of the Indian Ocean, north of the Tropic of Capricorn and lies 855 kilometers east of Madagascar and is actually part of the Africa continent. Mauritius is protected by the world’s longest unbroken coral reef and… Continue Reading “Is Mauritius a Family Friendly Destination?”

Planning a Family Summer Holiday


Planning the family summer holiday is so exciting but it can also be a little bit stressful. I’ve been looking for somewhere for us all to go for a while now for a nice and relaxing break. Factoring in things like activities for the kids to do, where we’ll get nice weather, how long the flights are, where we’re going to eat and walking distance to the beach are all important, so here are my top thing to consider when planning a family holiday:… Continue Reading “Planning a Family Summer Holiday”

Snowy Fun in France


Like most children my kids adore the snow, but living on the south coast of England it is something we see only once every few years, so when we were forecast snow when on holiday in Normandy we all hoped it would be enough to build a snowman and have a snowball fight. It started snowing on Wednesday evening as the kids went to bed but I wasn’t hopeful it would come to much as it seemed very wet and… Continue Reading “Snowy Fun in France”

Mallorca – the Perfect Family Friendly Holiday Destination!

Erman Dive Centre

Up until now I have always seen Mallorca as a destination for stags and hens on their final furore before they get married, with Magaluf being a party destination that is also favoured by teens letting their hair down on their first holiday without the parents, but did you know that Mallorca is a fabulous family friendly island with lots to keep both the adults and children entertained. Travelling to Mallorca with kids in tow is child’s play. We have… Continue Reading “Mallorca – the Perfect Family Friendly Holiday Destination!”