How to Create a ‘Hotel Style’ Master Bedroom


If you’re thinking of updating your master bedroom, you might be wondering what style to go for. Well, why not look towards hotels for inspiration? ‘Hotel style’ can form the basis of a beautiful bedroom, helping you to create a space you really want to spend time in. But, the first thing to do is identify what ‘hotel style’ means to you. There are many different types of interior design in our favourite hotels, ranging from traditional to very contemporary… Continue Reading “How to Create a ‘Hotel Style’ Master Bedroom”

Garden Revamp

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Despite promising that last year was going to be the year we finally revamped our garden, it never happened for all sorts of reasons.  I was out of action after having a caesarian, hubby was always at work and we were having lots of fun enjoying a rare hot summer at the beach. I am determined that this year it will get done. The one thing we are really missing is a patio / decking area where we can sit… Continue Reading “Garden Revamp”